Chris Evert

Christine Marie Evert (* 21. December 1954 in away Lauderdale) is former US - American Tennisspielerin and world rank list first. It ranks among the most successful player inside all times. As one first player inside at all it played both-handles back hand. The duels of the Grundlinienspielerin and Sandplatzspezialistin with Martina Navratilova , the other large Spielerin and of the eighties seventies are unforgotten. Evert explained its resignation in the year 1989.

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the beginnings

by father Jimmy Evert, even a professional tennis player and 1947 victoriously with the Canadian Championships, came Evert already in the age of 5 years with that tennis plays into contact. Still too weakly, in order the back hand in-handle to implement, developed it as one first player inside at all the both-handled Rückhandschlag, which should become already soon a feared and often copied brand name. 1969 were led it in the USA as the best one the Untervierzehnjährigen. Already one year later took for the first time the professional world to note, than the fifteen-year one defeated the world rank list first Margaret at that time Smith Court 7:6 and 7:6 with a small tournament in north Carolina. Court had only won the Grand Slam in the year before as the second Spielerin at all. In the year 1971 the sixteen-year-old Evert with US open denied its first Grand Slam tournament and lost only in the semi-final against Billie Jean King. Everts play was characterised particularly by a hardness in the baseline impacts, ungekannte up to then, which made her first particularly a outstanding Sandplatz Spielerin. Already soon however it improved so much that it was successful on all linings.

1973 it reached

years of dominance the Finals of Paris and Wimbledon. One year later won it both the international tennis championships of France and to the Church Road in Wimbledon. During the next five years it stood with some short interruptions at the point of the world rank list. It repeated 1975 their success in Paris and won in the consequence its first US open - titles against Evonne Goolagong, which it defended in continuous consequence three times. 1976 achieved Evert with a close three-sentence success again the Wimbledon crown. Gegnerin was again the Australian Evonne Goolagong, which developed to center of the 70's more and more to the persistent Rivalin of the American. Both met one another altogether 33 times. But Evert remained with altogether 21 victories the dominating Spielerin of the world tennis. Their nerve-strong, controlled and altogether cool occurrence at the place brought in the pointed-taken “Ice Maiden” for it. Despite successes on all floor mats the sand place play Everts remained largest domain: Between 1973 and 1979 the American was victorious in continuous consequence 125 times - until today unequalled record. With the French open achieved Evert the record number of altogether 7 single victories, last in the year 1986.

the eternal duel: Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova

end of the 70's stepped a new Rivalin with Martina Navratilova into the field of vision of the American, who terminated the exclusive dominance of Evert: The embittered duel of the two player inside coined/shaped the next ten years and is considered as one the eindrücklichsten of tennis history. While Evert kept the upper hand in the first years still, it was Navratilova, which starting from beginning of the 80's increasingly dominated. Into that altogether to 80 meeting one another Evert triumphed 37 times, to Navratilova won 43 plays. Both terminated their careers with ever 18 Grand Slam single titles. Evert on the red ash of the French open achieved their last both Grand Slam of victories, where she faced once more its Dauerrivalin Navratilova. In the year 1985, when it won 6-3,6-7 and 7-5 in a close three-sentence match, erklomm it a fifth and last mark the point of the world rank list. Also 1986 were called their Gegnerin Martina Navratilova and Evert booked with 2-6,6-3,6-3 its last Grand Slam triumph. 1988 succeeded it to it, meanwhile 34jährig, to draw again into the final one of the most important tournaments. In the final of the Australian open it was subject to that only 17 years old and later Grand Slam winner Steffi Graf in two sentences.

WTA presidency and career end

of Evert terminated their career in the year 1989.

Like already once in the years 1975 and 1976 it had 1983 again the presidency in the WTA, which Women's tennis Association, taken over, which it held up to the year 1991.

1995 Evert to resound to OF Fame of the tennis haven taken up.


at the beginning of the 70's was associated to Evert with the world rank list first Jimmy Connors. 1979 married it the British tennis player John Lloyd. After the divorce in the year 1987 she married 1988 the former ski running runner Andy Mill, with which she has three children.


record world rank list first in the lady tennis
rank nationality name weeks
1. Germany Steffi Graf 377
2. the Czech Republic the United States Martina Navratilova 331
3. the United States Chris Evert 262
4. Switzerland Martina Hingis 209
5. Serbia and Montenegro the United States Monica Seles 178
conditions: 5. April 2006

Chris Evert was the first Tennisspielerin, which obtained 1000 victories in the single. With a career balance of altogether 1309 victories, 146 defeats and a success ratio from 90,0% is Evert to today the most successful Einzelspielerin. Evert stood altogether for five times at the point of the tennis world rank list. She achieved 18 Grand Slam of victories in the single and only by Margaret Smith Court ( 24), Steffi Graf ( 22) and Helen Wills Moody ( 19) is exceeded here. With altogether seven successes in the lady single Evert to today Rekordhalterin is with the French open. Their 157 single titles with WTA - and Grand Slam tournaments mean the second place behind Martina Navratilova, which can book 167 tournament victories for itself. 1974 won Evert of 56 plays in consequence and achieved between 1974 and 1986 each year at least a Grand Slam title. Between 1973 and 1979 it remained victorious on sand 125 times in continuous consequence (record) and reached with altogether 52 from 56 played Grand Slam tournaments, in which it participated, at least the semi-final (record). Evert won 4 times the WTA route Championships and is eightfold Federation Cup Siegerin with the team of the USA.

Grand Slam of victories single

victories (18)

year       Tournament               Gegnerin                   Result 1974     French open             Olga Morozova              6-1, 6-21974     Wimbledon               Olga Morozova              6-0, 6-41975     French open             Martina Navratilova        2-6, 6-2, 6-11975     US open                 Evonne Goolagong           5-7, 6-4, 6-21976     Wimbledon               Evonne Goolagong           6-3, 4-6, 8-61976     US open                 Evonne Goolagong           6-3, 6-01977     US open                 Wendy turn bulletin             7-6, 6-21978     US open                 Pam                7-5, 6-41979     French open             Wendy turn bulletin             6-2, 6-01980     French open             Virginia Ruzici            6-0, 6-31980     US open                 Hana Mandlikova            5-7, 6-1, 6-11981     Wimbledon               Hana Mandlikova            6-2, 6-21982     Australian open         Martina Navratilova        6-3, 2-6, 6-3 1982     US open                 Hana Mandlikova            6-3, 6-11983     French open             Mima Jausovec              6-1, 6-21984     Australian open         Helena Sukova              6-7, 6-1, 6-31985     French open             Martina Navratilova        6-3, 6-7, 7-51986     French open             Martina Navratilova        2-6, 6-3, 6-3


  • of 1309 won plays altogether
  • victory ratio 90.0% (1309 victories, 146 defeats/second: Steffi Graf , 88.9%)
  • profit at least a Grand Slam of title over 13 years (between 1974 and 1986)
  • with 52 of 56 played Grand Slam tournaments at least in the semi-final
  • of 125 victories on sand in continuous consequence (1973 - 1979)
  • filter subject Siegerin of the French open in the lady single


  • four times choice to the Sportlerin of the yearly by Associated press
  • honor with the “Sportswomen OF the Year Award” through sport Illustrated (1976)
  • introduction into “internationally the tennis resound to OF Fame “(1995)
  • choice on the 4. Place of the “40 Greatest Players into the TENNIS era” by tennis of magazines (2005)


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