Chris Fehn

Chris Fehn (* 24. February 1973 in the Moines, Iowa) is Perkussionist with the volumes Slipknot.

Before he came to the US volumes Slipknot, he played with the volumes Shed. It replaced the Percussionisten Cuddles.

He loves it at the long nose of his medieval plague mask rumzuspielen, her z. B. to leave or also suggest wackeln that it onaniert. Its mask is a pinocchioähnliche mask, their nose approx. 18 cm is long. The mouth is represented by a zipper. (Picture)

to its mask Chris expressed itself once as follows: “The mask mean reflected a Comic character, and it looks in such a way like Hörigkeit or body characteristic. If you tighten it, she takes you also into another world. It is very hot, narrow and it does pain. That is exactly the same as the aggression, which we produce with our music… “

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