of these articles describes the Christian as trailer of the Christianity; other meanings under Christian (term clarifying).
The neutrality of this article or paragraph is disputed. The reasons stand on the discussion side or on the side for neutrality problems. Attempts, thatArticle to formulate neutral and removes this component only if it is no longer necessary.

The word Christian leads itself off from the Greek „Χριστιανος “(„Christianos “= „the Christ following “) and designates a trailer Jesu of Nazaret. This becomesfrom the Christianity in shape Jesu Christi as göttlicher Erlöser humans admires, who by its victim death at the cross and its Auferstehung of the dead ones cause the reconciliation with Jahwe and thus the extinction of the consequences of the sin case and the hereditary sinto have is. Thereby (so the Christian faith) it is made possible humans believing in it to be received after death into an eternal life in community with God in the Paradies.

Christian becomes humans by Bekehrung, i.e. Reversal and penalty, an associated structure of a relationship with some God of the Bible by means of prayer, a personal decision for Jesus Christ (which speaks also against the baby baptism) and by the adjustment of the own life after the requirements of the Bible.However (particularly in the large churches) falsely also the opinion is common that Christian its already by the purely official membership in a Christian church and/or. Municipality (which one attains as a rule by the baptism) is defined. - This definitionis however wrong, since it contradicts the above etymologischen meaning of the word clearly: „The Christ following “the condition of the convinced faith is in the process clearly contained. If one regards this on denomination level, it means also thata non--Christian, that officially e.g. belonged to the Evangelist church, „member of the Evangelist church “, however due to the missing faith not „Evangelist “to call itself can.

It is also mentioned that all Christians world-wide - all the same from which church or community itcome - on the basis of the confession to Jesus Christ to (invisible) the Christian church (ecclesia invisibilis), which holy community are united.

Some Denominationen or sparkling wines, which raise the requirement, only in their church is that Welfare to find, restrict the term „Christian “and use it only for member of the own group.

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