Christian building

Christian building (geb. 14. January 1971 in open castle) is a German point cook.

Christian building worked after the training as a cook of December 1993 until March 1998 first as Commis, then as Souschef of Harald welfare in the restaurant „Black Forest tubes “in Baiersbronn. In November 1996 it obtained the third place with the unofficial world championship of the cooks, the Prix Taittinger in Paris. Building acquired the master's certificate in March 1997.

Christian building is since April 1998 kitchen boss and owner of the hotel „lock mountain “in Nennig. Its cook art is often excellent: 1998 shorten it the technical periodical „the Feinschmecker “to the Aufsteiger of the yearly, 2005 to the cook of the yearly. Building received its first Michelinstern 1998, in November 2005 became it with the third Michelinstern to one of the maximumevaluated cooks of Germany. Also in other Gourmetführern building maximum evaluations holds: 5 cook spoons of the Aral Schlemmer Atlas, 3 cook caps of the VARTA - leaders and 18 points of the Gault Millau.

Building style is based on the classical high kitchen, which it reduces through renouncement of redundant Deko elements to the substantial.

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