Christian God praise game

Christian God praise game (* 25. December 1785 in Johanngeorgenstadt; † 24. March 1839 in Breitenbrunn/Erzgeb.) minister was and is considered as a founder of the dialect seal of the ore mountains.


he is the son of the Tertius' (= 3. Teacher) C. God praise game of the latin school in Johanngeorgenstadt. To the school attendance in its birth city it changed to the Lyzeum in snow mountain (ore mountains). 1805 it took up a theology study at the University of joke mountain . In the vacation time it took expanded foot journeys, in order to become acquainted with its homeland. Already at the age of 22 years it wrote its Hauptwerk, a travel description, which appeared 1809 in free mountain (Saxonia) in pressure.

From 1816 to 1824 it was active as ministers in Carl field, before it transferred the Pfarramt to Breitenbrunn, where it worked up to the end of life.

Christian God praise game married to 20. May 1817 in Grünstädtel Caroline Friedericke Nollain, the daughter of the Revierförsters Christoph Heinrich Nollain on Grosspöhla. Their children were Guido Selmar, Oskar, Emil, Ryno Volkmar, Carl Bruno and Aurelia.


  • interesting migrations by the Saxonian upper ore mountains. 1809
  • mixed poems, 1816 (of it three in more erzgebirgischer and, particularly admits of two in vogtländischer dialect: “Wenn's Gelöckel dreie rubber strip” and “I bi e merry Klippelmad”.
  • Luther. A poem in nine singing, 1817
  • Karl Stülpner, strange game contactors (essay), 1816.
  • Lecture on Sundays after Christmas the 1821, regarding the showerful murder the Christian happened on the third Weihnachtsfeiertage in Carl field in the ninth evening hour. Fried. William. Tree garden of its past lover C. G. Ludwig v. Otto.

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