Christian Gueintz

Christian Gueintz (* 13. October 1592 in Kohlo, Guben; † 3. April 1650 in resounds (Saale)) were a paedagogue and a language scholar.


Gueintz was son of the minister of Kohlo Johannes Gueintz and its wife Ursula Kretschmar.

The school career of Gueintz led it after Cottbus, Guben, Crossen/or (1608-1609), Sorau (1609-1612), Bautzen (1612) and Stettin (1613).

With 23 years Gueintz registered to 23. June 1615 at the University of joke mountain. There it already acquired in the subsequent year, to 24. September 1616 the Magister title. And 1617 it already received a training order there for Rhetorik, logic, physics, ethics and politics. Still in the same year Gueintz was appointed the Adjunkt of the philosophical faculty.

As a prince Ludwig I. from notion Köthen looked for suitable paedagogues for the school reforms promoted by it, one recommended it by Wolfgang Ratke Christian Gueintz. In the years 1619 to 1622 informed Gueintz then also in resounds (Saale) and translated in this time also Ratkes Grammatica universalis into German.

To 14. He married September 1621 in resounds to Catharina Bernd, a daughter of the Köthener of mayor Johann Bernd.

1622 returned Gueintz to joke mountain and studied law. As such he was selected immediately after study conclusion as a lawyer in the Wittenberger Konsistorium.

To 4. April 1627 took the appointment as the rector of the High School to Gueintz too resounds on and became in the consequence to the educator and others of Paris of Werder, Gebhard of Alvensleben, Vollrad of Krosigk and Philipp of Zesen.

By prince Ludwig I. Gueintz was taken up by notion Köthen 1641 to the fruitful society. The prince lent the society name the arranging and the slogan of everyone to it at his place. As emblem it the Mechoacana became (possibly. Ipomea jalapa Coxe) zugedacht. In the Köthener society book is to Gueintz' entry under the No. 361. Here also the Reimgesetz is registered, which he wrote as thanks for his admission:

Mechoacana point at their wurtzel is
alike and the Rhabarbar, which innre arrange bring
Jn order widerumb, drumb arranging me erkiest
the name billich ward, because my sense after struggle
to arrange ours sprach', into of them nam vergist
often from inadvertence, which wol sound still
of them did not sonsten are own: The German Sprachlehr' hab'
Jch now gezeiget forwards, as their use gave me.

Gueintz ties to the reforms of Wolfgang Ratke , but stood it in continuing competition to Justus George Schottelius and George Philipp Harsdörffer.

At the age of 58 years Christian Gueintz at the 3 died. April 1650 in resounds.


  • the German orthography: on strange well find. - Resounds, 1645
  • German languageteach draft. - Köthen, 1641
  • praise of the noble vnd useful Druckerey art. - Resounds, to 1640

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