Christian Jacob car-hurry

Christian Jacob car-hurry (* 23. November 1756 in Kaufbeuren; † 8. January 1839 in Kaufbeuren) became after its law studies one at the time at that time relatively admitted writers, reconnaissance aircraft and journalist.

1775 it met in Frankfurt with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , became acquainted with during its study in Goettingen among other things Johann Heinrich Voss as well as the Göttinger Hain . Voss was that, which introduced him there 1777 to the free bricklaying. It had likewise contact to how/as country, kind of thrust, Claudius and other one.

It justified the Freimaurerloge in Kaufbeuren 1786 „Charlotte to the three stars “, until 1789 existed and used themselves approximately for the clearing-up in affairs of the but faith .

With George Christoph car-hurry and Johann Christoph car-hurry is only far away related it.


  • honesty and love. (Play) of 1779
  • one-act plays of the Freymaurer. (One-act play) 1780
  • life history of the Martin Luther. (furnished for the needs of its compatriots) 1782
  • magazine of and for Swabia. 1788
  • Elias Holl, building master to Augsburg. 1818
  • the Jesuiten and their behaviour of approximately religious and lay regents, together with some additions Grösstentheils from their own writings. (under the alias Ernst Friedmann) 1825
  • attempt of a history of the city Augsburg. (3 volumes) 1820-22
  • Mustapha and Zeangir. (Tragedy) 1824

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