Christian Ludwig (Braunschweig Lueneburg)

Christian Ludwig duke to Braunschweig Lueneburg (* 25. February 1622 in the lock in heart mountain at the resin; † 15. March 1665 with Celle) was from 1641 to 1648 prince of the Principality of Calenberg (residence: Hanover) and from 1648 to his death prince Principality of Lueneburg (residence: Celle).

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Christian Ludwig as an oldest son of the duke George von Braunschweig and Lueneburg Calenberg (1583-1641) one bore. After the death of its father it had to govern 1641 rather unprepared the Principality of Calenberg with the residence in Hanover, where with his father George 1636 had begun the family of the Welfen the rule.

1642 became duke Christian Ludwig by prince Ludwig I. taken up by notion Köthen to the fruitful society. The prince lent the society name of the pure ago goat to it and as slogan refreshes and strengthens. As emblem the duke the lemon blood ( Citrus became medica L.) zugedacht. In the Köthener society book is to duke Christian Ludwig entry under the No. 372. There also the Reimgesetz is registered, which he had written on the occasion of his admission:

Citronen flowered, refreshes and stärcke giebt to the hertzen
wechst purely: therefore come Reinhertzig would take
to me: Less reinhertzigkeit to me
over everything well, directly is entitled all pious those
does not like pure hertzens being, wan those being betrübt from
because of large emergency, eh' those taken away Jst
God its comfort, the affliction finally already turns nevertheless,
Ergetzung them too with fruit and uses sends.

It was considered „to the Gesöff as pleasure addicted and “devoted and conflicted with the citizens of the city Hanover rapidly. After the death of his uncle, the duke Friedrich in Celle, he left the rule to his younger brother George William and governed starting from 1648 the Principality of Lueneburg in Celle. Here it put on itself with the cities Lueneburg and Harburg .

To 9. October 1653 he married Dorothee princess von Holstein-Glücksburg, the marriage remained however childless. At the age of 43 years duke Christian Ludwig von Braunschweig-Celle died to 15. March 1665 in Celle.

Its widow married to 14. June 1668 „the large cure prince “ Friedrich William of Brandenburg.


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