Christian Maicon Hening

Christian Maicon Hening (* 25. August 1978 in Blumenau, Brazil), admits Chris under the artist name, is a Brazilian football professional, who plays at present with unity Frankfurt.

It is defensive Allrounder, however mostly in the defensive centre zone is used. For a scandal Chris provided, when he signed after the descent of the unity 2003/04 despite valid contract with Prudentópolis and became closed of the FIFA. After discussion and reconciliation with the unity the association guidance transferred its fine and it again to the cadre, the late the ascent to the 1. Federal league created. Otherwise Chris for a Brazilian plays relatively “European” and is not noticeable not by great cheats, but arranges rather the play of the unity and together with captain Jermaine Jones as “heart Frankfurt plays” is often designated. Meanwhile the “man with ass antlers is to a firm size in the system of coach Friedhelm sparkles ripened.

In the Commerzbank arena (former Frankfurt forest stadium) he is always announced by the Stadionsprecher with “our Brazilian”.



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