Christian mediator

Christian mediator (* 6. September 1828 in Wiesbaden, † 1. March 1883 in Wiesbaden), was 1882 - 1883 first mayor of Wiesbaden.

It visited the Pädagogium Wiesbaden and the High School because castle, starting from 1847 stud. iur. Heidelberg, 1858 accessist at the yard court Wiesbaden, 1863 herzoglicher Auditeur, 1866 Auditeur with 2. Nassaui regiment in Wiesbaden, 1867 - 1879 office judges in Eltville, 1877 - 1882 member preuss. Lower House (nationalliberal), 12. July 1882 up to its death of first mayors of Wiesbaden. A road in Wiesbaden is designated after it. Simple like its predecessor in office William Lanz to the founders of the Corps Rhenania Heidelberg, belonged.


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