Christian bacon

Christian bacon (* 22. December 1937 in Menziken; † 5. May 2005 in Aarau) was a Swiss politician (SVP). Citizen of Oberkulm AG. He was from 1995 to 2005 Aargauer a representative in the national council.

Christian bacon was baker master and präsidierte starting from 1998 the Swiss baker Konditorenmeisterverband. From 1973 to 1996 it was Gemeindeammann of Oberkulm. As a national council busy bacon itself particularly with the energy policy. It sat in the boards of directors of several power station companies.

He deceased to 5. Surprising May 2005, briefly after with a health check heart problems were determined and it had to be operated.

Its successor in the national council is Lieni of add-cunning-adding cunning all, which to 30. May 2005 at the beginning of the summers session was sworn in.

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