Christian stick

Christian stick (* 28. August 1884 in Darmstadt; † 13. April 1967 in Seeheim Jugenheim) was German SPD - a politician and the first Prime Minister of Hessen.

Stick was born as a son of a cigar worker. After the attendance of the elementary school was itin Pfungstadt cigar worker like its father. since that time 1902 it occurred the SPD and used up its whole life of the thing of the democracy and the social equalization of the workers. 1910 he became a district secretary of the tobacco worker trade union bathing, Pfalz and Hessen, starting from 1914 was heDirector/conductor of the right information office of trade unions of Baden in Heidelberg.

1919 it belonged to that Weimar national assembly . 1920 appointed it realm president Friedrich Ebert as a parliamentary under-secretary of State into the realm military Ministry, where he had the task to overcome the consequences of the cut Putsches oriented towards the right. 1922 he became a director that Compulsory health insurance scheme Heidelberg, late director of the compulsory health insurance scheme Frankfurt/Main. From this office it became 1933, after which seizure of power dismisses by the national socialists. Subsequently, it was arrested for several months in the concentration camp Kisslau. After its release he worked as a representative of different companies,until it could furnish itself in Darmstadt its own cigar business, that to a secret meeting place of Social Democrats, under it Heinrich can and professor Ludwig Bergsträsser, became.

After the release of Germany from the national socialism 1945 he became first again a director of the compulsory health insurance scheme Frankfurt/Main, late presidentthe national insurance office Hessen. It belonged to the condition-advisory hessian state meeting and became after the first free election of the federal parliament of the 1. December 1946 few weeks later, to 20. December 1946, of the hessian federal state parliament with 58 from 87 voices to the hessian Prime Minister selected. He trained a coalition governmentSPD and CDU.

In its term of office it concerned to develop the democratic state and to secure the economic bases of life of the citizens and citizens of Hessen and the many hundredthousand refugees. At the same time it was intensively concerned as a chairman of the conference of Prime Minister with the establishment of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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