Christian Thiel

Christian Thiel (* 12. June 1937 in new salt /Oder) is a contemporary German philosopher and science theoretician - prominent representative of the methodical constructionalism.

Thiel studied mathematics , philosophy, psychology and sociology at the university in attaining as well as art education at the academy of the forming arts in Munich starting from 1956. it could attain a doctorate to 1965 with Rudolf Zocher in attaining over sense and meaning in the logic God praise Freges. 1966/67 he spent an academic year at the University of Texas in Austin as Postdoctoral Fellow as well as then also as Assistant professor. Finally it habilitierte itself 1970 with Paul Lorenzen with its work basic crisis and basic controversy over the bases of mathematics and social science.

After agencies in Konstanz and Kiel he received the again-created chair for philosophy and science theory at the technical university in Aachen to 1972. 1982 it was appointed as the successor of Lorenzen at the University of attaining as well as as the acting executive committee of the interdisciplinary institute for science theory and science history (IIWW ), created by Lorenzen.

Christian Thiel is since 1993 member of the Académie international one de Philosophie of the Sciences with seat in Brussels and since 2000 also the German academy of the natural scientists Leopoldina. It is considered as an expert to modern science history, in particular to those to the logic 19. and 20. Year dog ore as well as the work of God praise Frege.


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