Christian Vieri

Christian Vieri (* 12. July 1973 in Bologna) is an Italian football player.

Vieri buildup in Sydney, Australia , in one of the world largest Italian immigrant quarters (Little Italy). It visited the Prairiewood High School in the west of Sydney. Its father played for the out Sydney coming club Marconi of stable ion, which was created by Italian emigrants. Its brother, Massimiliano Vieri, is likewise a professional soccer player. In addition Christians nut/mother originates from France. Vieris pointed name is Bobo.


Christian Vieri was particularly in the years 1997 to 2003 one the best Mittelstürmer of the world with an extremely high hit rate (113 gates in 148 league plays in these years, 0.76 gates per play). It profited here particularly from its enormous physical penetration ability, to its position play and torr International Electronical Commission ago.

Frequently it was unfortunately braked thereby by its strong injury susceptibility. It was noticeable so far by its expressed moving desire, which kept it rarely longer at a club.

It played so far 49 times (conditions: February 2006) for the Italian national soccer team, whereby it obtained 23 gates. It would have been play-entitled also for the Australian national team, in which its brother max plays. Christian Vieri decided however for the Italian. So far (July 2005) it gave no Auneinandertreffen between the brothers on international match level

thereby came it to two WM-participation (1998 and 2002) with which it despite its many gates (five and/or. four) unfortunate separating of Italy not to prevent not to help could do.

Although Christian Vieri only one season with Atlético played ranks it among the legends of the association. The season ago 1997/1998 it was gotten for 19 million euro by Juventus Turin. It obtained sensational 24 gates in 24 season plays. With this record-suspicious gate ratio of 100%, he became during its yearly with Atlético Madrid, goal scorer king of the Primera División and could repeat this success in the Italian series of A 2002/03 (24 gates in 23 plays). Its Kraft, Explosivität and Durchschlagskraft make him one of the best Stürmer of the world. In its time with Atlético it created also the jump into the Squadra Azzura, where it was promoted immediately to the master player.

As in the years before it changed the association after only one year and hired with Lazio Rome on, which replaces 25 million euro for it to pay had. Afterwards it followed inter Milan , which record-replaces at that time for it from 45.000.000€ paid. In July 2005 it changed replace-free to the city rival AC Milan. With the AC Milan he gets the back number 32. Its transfer market value in July amounts to 12.000.000€.

Its largest success as association players was the profit of the European Cup of the Cup winners with Lazio Rome, aligned last , 1999.

In addition it won the European Supercup and 1997 with Juventus Turin the Italian championship with its association in the same year.

Twice team had to be in European Finals struck to give oneself, whereby it was not in each case used however (1993 in the UEFA Cup with the AC Turin and 1997 into the champions League with Juventus Turin)



  • series of B 79 25
  • series of A 205 128 (6. February 2005)
  • Primera División 24 24
  • altogether 308 177
  • only series of A and Primera D. 229 152


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