Christian von Massenbach

Christian Karl August Ludwig baron von Massenbach (* 16. April 1758 in Schmalkalden; † 27. November 1827 in Bialokosz/floats) was a Prussian Colonel and writer.

Christian von Massenbach buildup in the rule mass brook with Heilbronn. He was pupil on the military school Solitüde of the duke Karl von Württemberg and since 1778 officer in the württembergischen guard , occurred 1782 the attendants Friedrichs of the large one . it went to 1786 to the Prussian quartermaster general staff.

Mass brook participated in the campaign against Holland 1787 and in the war against France up to the Baseler peace . In the campaign 1806 he was upper quarter master at the Hohenlohe corps. It exerted substantial influence on the course of the military operations and provided in this way for the surrender of Prenzlau. For this the prince Hohenlohe took on the responsibility and escaped mass brook of a possible punishment in such a way.

He tried to later justify in several writings and demanded 1817 of the Prussian government a larger sum of money. In case of the refusal it wanted to then publish important writings. He was arrested on that and condemned because of extortion to a fortress detention by 14 years.

1826 were begnadigt Christian von Massenbach and died to 27. November 1827 in Bialokosz with floats.

It was married with Henriette Amalie, geb. from Gualtieri ( 1767 - 1846 ) and left five children.


  • moving gutter run gene to large men. Amsterdam (1808)
  • memoirs for the history of the Prussian states under the government Friedrich of William II. and Friedrich of William III. 3 Bde. Amsterdam (1809 - 10)
  • historical memorablenesses for the history of the purge of the Prussian state since 1794. 2 Bde. Amsterdam (1809)


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