Christian worker youth

the Christian workers youth (CAJ) is main a union of young people from the Roman-catholic church.

The CAJ makes offers for young people, who already or shortly in the working life. It has the situation of socially disadvantaged young people particularly in the view. Therefore it occurs for a change of the acquisition work company, so that all have a chance.

The goal of the CAJ is a youth work with and by disadvantaged young people:

“We can give an individual perspective, but we can solve the total problem only if we change structures! ”

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of the priests Joseph Cardijn created the CAJ 1925 in Brussels. Request Cardijns was it, the young workers and female workers their would make conscious and it by actions and seminars would form. They should be able to notice so their responsibility for itself and the society. It developed the method “sees - to judge - acts” in easily changed function the introduction into the Pädagogik of the youth and adult education in society and church often found later.

“The workers are not slaves, no machines, no Bestien. They have one became like all humans! “ just as central mainspring is as the sentence “each young female worker, each young worker is more worth than all gold of the world because her for the federation or he daughter or son of God is.” Both statements come from Cardijn, which formulated so its central request, which had motivated it for the establishment of the federation.

Since 1947 the CAJ brings in Germany the situation to the worker youth to the language. In its work the CAJ in Germany took care of in the past of the particularly following topics:

  • Fair organization of the working sphere in co-operation with the trade unions
  • internationality
  • vocational education
  • intolerance and Ausgrenzung


independent of the occupation of parents, education or Outfit is important into the CAJ everyone and to everyone. Training days, holidays free times, actions and projects will make made just like actions against youth unemployment.

structures in Germany

the structure of the CAJ orients itself in Germany at the catholic allocation after Diözesen. In 22 of it there are Diözesanverbände of the CAJ, the members of the CAJ Germany registered association. are. Honorary representatives of the Diözesanleitungen meet once a year to the line advice, the highest resolution-seizing committee of the CAJ Germany. For co-ordination purposes there are also überdiözesane unions, usually after Lands of the Federal Republic (Bavaria, BaWü, North-Rhine/Westphalia, north and the so-called Quintett). The Bavarian Diözesen has its own national office in Nuremberg with a pertinent national line.

This individual Diözesanverbände is: 汉堡,柏林, Osnabrück und Hildesheim, Münster,亚琛,埃森, Paderborn und Köln,实验者,美因法, Speyer, und Limburg, Freiburg und Rottenburg斯图加特, Eichstätt,奥格斯堡, München, Passau, Bamberg, Würzburg und雷根斯堡,

模子CAJ ist ein basisdemokratischer Verband,北dem模子Mitglieder ihre Leitungsgremien wählen und meist mit einem politischen Mandat ausstatten。 This demoktratische structure pulls itself up to the international team with seat in Brussels, which coordinates the world-wide work and which CAJ in politics, church and society represents.


the CAJ is not only international in Germany, but represent into many countries of the earth. These national movements form together the international CAJ. Also on European level the work is coordinated.

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