Christian Mystik

the Christian Mystik is a movement within the Christian religion, in which the direct unity becoming is aimed at with God (Unio Mystica). For this purpose it uses different means, above all the meditation, in addition, Askese and bus exercises, prayers and singing among other things Which I - contrary to eastern philosophies - in the unity becoming with God not given up, but straight in these mysterious Einung exists a characteristic individuality, one could almost say, it comes in this combination straight particularly to a genuine and deep self identification of the true I, how it is meant from God and created. Crucial are alone the personal experience and practice, less theoretical studies or works of the next love. The church father Origenes speaks of the birth of God in humans soul.

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literature the Christian Mystik on the Neuplatonismus in his Christian Umprägung. The most important philosophers, those the lateantique Christian Neuplatonismus in the Middle Ages passing on, were hl. Augustinus and Dionysius Areopagita. In the orthodox church the Mystik has a long tradition. In the monk movement Hesychasmus (of Greek “hesychia”: Peace, silence) the Mystik practiced by the Jesusgebet (also heart prayer called) and navel-look. In the west likewise the monasteries were the centers of the Mystik. Nuns and monks of different medals dedicated themselves to the meditation and wrote texts over its experiences. Their high bloom had the Christian Mystik in the late Middle Ages and in the early modern times. Although the reformation with the tradition of the catholic church broke, it came soon also in the Protestant areas to mystischen movements. In modern theology the thought of the Mystik in the considerations on the Pantheismus ( God and world are one) is and to negative theology. The latter points out that God only experienced one can not be described and.

While the way to this condition and also its expression aligns itself culturally at the Christianity, experiencing of the same is similar to the mystischen conditions in other religions: Sufismus (Islam), Zen (Buddhismus), Tantrismus (Hinduismus/Buddhismus) or Kabbalistik (Judentum). The modern Mystik can be also a mixture of mystischen elements from different religions and thereby of many as a desired universal religion is felt, straight because it on personal experiencing is based and therefore no uniform terms and can supply concepts. An example of it is the science of the Enneagramm.

Mystikerinnen and Mystiker

the German Frauenmystik of the Middle Ages are coined/shaped of hl. Hildegard of being gene, hl. Gertrud of Helfta, Mechthild of Magdeburg and Mechthild von Hackeborn. The latter three lived all in the Cistercian interior monastery Helfta in ice life (Saxonia-Anhalt). Admitted catholic exponents of the Christian Mystik in 16. Jh. are hl. Theresa of Ávila and hl. Johannes of the cross, which and from the catholic church as a church teacher the honour title Doctor created the woman and man medal of the barfüssigen Karmeliten mysticus (teachers of the Mystik) to have received. Further catholic Mystiker is hl. Bernhard von Clairvaux (church teacher), hl. Franz of Sales (church teacher), sel. Heinrich Seuse, master hit a corner-hard, Angelus Silesius, Johannes Tauler and in 16. Jh. hl. Ignatius of Loyola with its Exerzitien.

Important Protestant Mystiker is Valentin Weigel, Sebastian Franck and Jakob Böhme. Johann Valentin Andreae was the founder that today more esoterischen than Christian rose cruiser. Emanuel Swedenborg formulated its own instructional system, which late led to the establishment of the new church (church of the new Jerusalem).

If modern Christian admitted philosopher inside and philosophers, who were strongly affected of the Mystik, for example Pierre partial hard de Chardin, Hugo Makibi Enomiya Lassalle, Anselm green, Trade Union of German Employees Hammarskjöld, Willigis hunter, Dorothee are should, David stone DL rest or Jörg zinc.

Characteristic of a Mystikers is the devotion into the will of God: “Not mine, but your will happens” (process card 22.42), whereby in the Christianity at the same time the acknowledgment of Christ becomes as Erlöser of the world clear.

Mysti music

music is a common medium, in order to make Mystik experiencable. In the Gregorian singing, the Gregorianik, finds the Christian Mystik of the Middle Ages a high point. Contemporary classical composers, about Arvo part or Olivier Messiaen in addition, were inspired.


„the pious one of mornings will be a Mystiker, one, which experienced something, or it will be no more. “ (Karl Rahner, writings, VII 22)

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