Christof Spörk

Christof Spörk (* 16. April 1972 in lyingist, Steiermark) is a Austrian Klarinettist and Kabarettist.

Spörk studied political science, English, Spanish, at the Universities of Vienna and Valladolid and some terms jazz singing at the music university Graz. He wrote its thesis about “politics and music in Cuba after 1959 " with Heinrich Neisser. Originally Spörk was active as a journalist (among other things with the magazine “profile “) and had a training order for political science at the Viennese Latin America Institut.

1991 he became Klarinettist with the Kabarett Musikgruppe “the land caper “, which were distinguished 2003 with the small art price salt citizen bull for Austria. It sang to 2002 to 2004 in that volume “Maximo of songs “, 2003 based it together with Sebastian Fuchsberger the volume global Kryner. The idea came it, when it wanted to dance in Cuba with Oberkrainermusik Salsa.

Christoph Spörk is married since 1999 with the Kubanerin Jacqueline Hechavarría Carbonell and has two children.


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