Christoph Demke

Christoph Demke (* 3. May 1935 in Buntzlau, province Niederschlesien) is an Evangelist theologian and bishop in the retirement.

After the attendance of the home high school Schulpforta with Naumburg Demke from 1953 to 1958 theology at the Humboldt university studied to Berlin and attained a doctorate 1962 at the church university Berlin Zehlendorf. 1964 he became lecturer in new will at the Evangelist Sprachenkonvikt Berlin. From 1975 to 1977 he was a secretary of the theological commission in the secretariat of the federation of the Evangelist churches in the GDR and starting from 1981, when successors of Manfred Stolpe, director/conductor of this mechanism, where he worked up to his assumption of office as a bishop in Magdeburg 1983.

In Luther year 1983 he was a secretary of the church Luther committee. From 1983 to 1997 Christoph Demke stood as a successor of Werner Kru at the point of the Evangelist church of the church province Saxonia. From 1990 to 1991 he was a chairman of the conference of the Evangelist church lines in the GDR.

main points of work

  • of essays and lectures to current questions on church and society, in particular to problems of the German agreement process.
  • It encouraged the Christians of the East German churches to interfere into the debate around the combination.
  • It was involved in the Loccumer discussions, which led to the union of the Evangelist regional churches in east and West Germany to the Evangelist church in Germany (EKD).

works (selection)

  • questions „of modern “theology. Berlin 1973.
  • The singularness Jesu: theological information for Nichttheologen. Neukirchener publishing house, Neukirchen Vluyn 1980. ISBN 3-7887-0641-4
  • (as Hrsg.): Thomas Müntzer: Inquiries at theology and church. Evangelist publishing house, east Berlin 1977.
  • Christoph Demke, Manfred Falkenau and Helmut Zeddies (Hrsg.): Between adjustment and Verweigerung: Documents from the work of the federation of the Evangelist churches in the GDR. Evangelist publishing house, Leipzig 1994. ISBN 3-374-01549-2


  • Michael Beintker, Eberhard June gel and wolf Krötke (Hrsg.): Ways to agreement: Anniversary publication for Christoph Demke. Evangelist publishing house, Leipzig 1997. ISBN 3-374-01637-5


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