Christoph Spycher

Christoph Spycher (* 30. March 1978 in Wolhusen) is a Swiss football player. In addition, he is left defense player, can on the left outer orbit in the centre zone be used.

Spycher buildup in Oberscherli in the municipality Köniz . It possesses the Matura. In its youth it played for star mountain, fiber plastic Bümpliz and fiber plastic Münsingen.

Its career as professional soccer players it began 1999 with the fiber plastic Luzern, where it remained until 2001. Thereupon it changed to the grass hopper club Zurich, with which he in its first season and 2003 Swiss became master. Altogether it denied 137 plays in the super League, of it 61 for Luzern and 76 (5 gates) for Zurich. To the season 2005/06 he changed to the German Erstligisten unity Frankfurt, where he fought for immediately a master place.

Spycher completed and participated 18 international matches for Swiss national soccer team with it in the football European championship 2004 in Portugal , where he was used in all plays. He got all Swiss from players with this tournament the best notes of the critics and said even: „I can be content with my achievements to the EM. “Nevertheless, the exemplary Teamplayer admitted, „it would have been more beautiful, if we had more successfully cut off “. Switzerland separated after two defeats against England and France and a Remis against Croatia in the Vorrunde as group-last.

Spychers large Idol is Zinedine Zidane.

It is particularly in Switzerland also under the pointed name „Wuschu “well-known.



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