Christoph of Lieven

Christoph Andrejewitsch prince of Lieven (Russian: ХРИСТОФОРАНДРЕЕВИЧЛИВЕН, also Christoph Heinrich, * 6. May 1774 in Kiev; also: 1777; † 10. January 1839 in Rome) was a Russian general and diplomat.

Christoph Heinrich of Lieven originates from old Baltic sex Lieven, which its origin of Kaupo, which last live prince, was only war Minister, since 1809 envoys in Berlin and 1812-34 in London , on which post he proved himself with the negotiations over the release of Greece and the separation of Belgium very actively, deduced and ward then the curator of the large prince Alexander appointed. It died to 10. January 1839 in Rome.

It was married with Dorothea princess of Lieven, which played an outstanding role in circles of the diplomacy.

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