Christophe Rinero

Christophe Rinero (* to 29. December 1973 in Moissiac, France) is a French wheel running driver.

Christope Rinero became 1995 wheel professional. It drove until 1996 in the team Le Mutuelle de Seine et Marne and starting from 1997 in the team Cofidis.

In February 2000 Christophe Rinero hurt itself with the route de Méditeranéen at the knee and could not tie no more since then at its earlier successes and achievements.

Palmarès (selection)

  • 1995: Winner route de Dordogne
  • 1996: Stage-win with the route d'Ain
  • 1998: Winner of the mountain leotard and 4. Place in the total valuation of the route de France
  • 1998: Total victory and two stage-wins with the route de l'Avenir


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