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Christopher franc Carandini Lee (* 27. May 1922 in London) is predominant a British actor, as such actors of rogues. Also over 250 roles it regards the world record as the participation in most motion picture films. Special celebrity attained Lee in thatRole of the count Dracula, whom it played starting from 1958 in several horror films.

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Lees father was an officer in the British army and participant to The First World War and at the Burenkrieg. Over his nut/mother, the Italian countess Estelle Marie Carandini di Sarzano, comes of to Lee an old aristocracy sex.

Lee served Force and the Special Forces during the Second World War with the Royal air, before he came 1947 to the film. Mainly livesand it lived in London. During the 1980er years pulled it however to Los Angeles, returned however again to London. In the USA it made among other things acquaintance with the Playboy - founder Hugh Hefner, with which it stands today still in good contact.Also Johnny Depp is one its good acquaintance. It was already gekürt by the Guinness publishing house for most films and for its size as an actor.

It is married since 1961 with the Danish ex-Model Birgit Kroencke. The two have a daughter named Christina, to 23.November 1963 to the world came.

Lee as a Filmschauspieler

its first role had Lee in Corridors OF Mirrors (1947), further films at the beginning of its career was among other things Scott OF the Antarctic (1948; Scotts last travel), The Battle OF the RiverPlate (1956; Tank ship count Spee) and Moulin Rouge (1953; Moulin Rouge). Also in some German Edgar Wallace filmings of the 1960er years was he to be seen. Here it has above all very small roles, there one it because of its size (1.96 m) not asHero figure to adjust wanted. That is also the reason, why he plays later, after he became more well-known, in so many “bad” roles.

Lee became world-famous by its embodiment of the Dracula in the horror film of the same name of Terence Fisher 1958 (hammer films). Afterwards Lee in numerous played,usually second-class horror films of Fisher. Among them in The Curse OF Franconia stone (1957; Franconia stone curse), The Mummy (1959; The revenge of the Pharaonen) and The Hound OF the Baskervilles (1959; The dog of Baskerville).

Into the 1960er years worked Lee with own voicein the two German-language Edgar Wallace filmingsthe mystery of the red Orchidee “(1961/62) and” the secret of the yellow narcissuses “(1961) as well as its English-language version” The Devil's Daffodil “also. Also the British film “Circus OF Fear” (the mystery silver triangle) becamein Germany as Edgar Wallace film markets. Christopher Lee control altogether eight languages. Some of it he never really learned, but he admits in an interview that he knows German only, because he geschauspielert and sang from time to time on German. The moreover he speaksEnglish, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Greek and Swedish.

In addition one saw between 1965 and 1969 in the Sax Rohmer to Lee - filmings “I, Dr. Fu one Chu “,” the 13 slaves of the Dr. Fu one Chu “,” the revenge of the Dr. Fu oneChu “,” the death kiss of the Dr. Fu one Chu “and” the torture chamber of the Dr. Fu one Chu “, in which it always played the title part. Later it separated from all “hammer” - productions, there it the films was increasingly worse and othersRoles to dedicate wanted. However its agents engaged it again for a role in “hammer” - a production. It experienced only of it, when all other roles were occupied already, so that it could not call no more off. After this event its co-operation with the Filmstudio “hammer” was always terminated.

1974 it embodied Francisco Scaramanga, the “man with the golden Colt “, in the film of the same name as an opponent of James bond (Roger of moorlands). Christopher Lee is a cousin of the James bond inventor Ian Fleming.

1976 became it the role of the Dr. SAM Loomis inHalloween offered. It rejected these thoughtlessly, and so Donald Pleasence got the role. It called this decision its largest error.

In many of its films Lee at the side of Peter Cushing and Vincent Price played. the three played 1983 together with John Carradine in the horror classical author House OF the Long Shadows (the house of the long shade). In further innumerable films Lee plays the role of the count Dracula.

After the turn of the century one saw it in the first two parts the master of the rings - to Trilogie as Zauberer Saruman.With the third part in last minute one decided to paint all Saruman scenes. In the Special Extended edition, which is available on DVD and video only, its scenes were however again inserted. Lee was over this decision like that hereditary east that he at short notice „because of health problems “its attendance of the premiere in New Zealand called off. He regarded the co-operation with this filming according to own data as a large honour, reads is he nevertheless a large fan of master of the rings, the book each year once and was allowed the author, J.R.R. to _Tolkien,already even vibrate the hand. In addition it played in star Wars episode II: Attack of the Klonkrieger as COUNT Dooku and/or. Darth Tyranus. It embodied latter role also in star Wars episode III: The revenge of the Sith.

2006 one becomes it in the material filming of The last Einhorn as a king Haggard, to which it already borrowed its voice in the Zeichentrickfilm of the same name, to see know.

Lee as musicians

apart from the looking plaything is Christopher Lee also zeitweilen in music actively. It enjoyed training as an opera singer and sang before its time asActor in various opera houses. In the film Captain Invincible it sings the titles to “Mr. Midnight " and “name Your Poison”. Also in recent time Lee dedicates itself again to the music. Thus it, mainly as tendencyful storytellers, participated in some songs of the power Metal volume Rhapsody. ThoseSongs are on the EP The Dark Secret (2004) and the LP Symphony OF Enchanted of country II - The Dark Secret (likewise 2004) to hear. On the EP The Magic OF the Wizard's Dream (2005) are a version of the of the same nameSong to hear, in the Lee also as singers participates. Here it, like also the volume, sings this title into Italian, French, English and German. With the Tolkien ensemble he already co-operated. These set Tolkiens of poems stimmlich and in music in scene. The completeVersion is under the name “The lord OF the of ring - The Complete Songs & Poems” appeared, in which it speaks the Ent tree beard and which role of the storyteller received.

Filmografie (selection)


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