Christopher Street Day

Christopher Street Day (CSD) is a firm, an intending and a demonstration day of the lesbians, gays, Bisexuellen, Transgender and their supporters. One celebrates and one demonstrates for the rights of these groups as well as against discrimination and Ausgrenzung.The designation Christopher Street Day is usual only in Germany and Switzerland. In Austria the removal is called rainbow parade, in English-language and Roman countries of Gay Pride or Pride Parades is usually spoken, and in Australia are the paradesmixed with the Karnevalstradition and Mardi grass are called (“fat Tuesday”, meant is originally thereby nearly at night Tuesday).

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history of theCSD

Denkmal Gay liberation von George Segal
monument Gay liberation of George Segal

of the CSD reminded of first admits the become rebelling of homosexual ones and other sexual minorities against police arbitrariness in the New Yorker Christopher Street in Greenwich many situation to 27. June 1969 in the bar Stonewall Inn, „the Stonewall in such a way specified - rebellion “. At this time it gave again and again violent raids to the police in taverns with homosexual target audience. The 27. June marks thereby the day for the first time, at that rebelling against such arbitrarinessand force took place. It came in the consequence to meet-long road battles between homosexual ones and the police. Since 1970 become in New York on the last Saturday of the June, which Christopher Street liberation Day reminds, with a road removal of this event.In Germany 1979 the first CSDs under this designation in Bremen and Berlin took place . Larger gay and lesbian demonstrations are however already there in Germany since 1972 (first in the Federal Republic of Germany to 29. April 1972 in Münster).The first CSD in Switzerland found to 24. June 1978 in Zurich under the name “Christopher Street liberation Memorial Day” instead of.

CSDs today

CSD 2004 in Berlin
CSD 2004 in Cologne
CSD 2004 in Berlin

in almost each largerCity in Germany celebrates the Queer Community today CSDs. The largest take place in Cologne and Berlin. Cologne became 2002 also over 1.2 million took part (participants and spectators) largest CSD in Europe. The parades/demonstrations during the CSDs placemeanwhile similar attractions as for example Karnevalsumzüge or the substantially newer Technoparaden.

For organizational reasons the CSDs does not find 27 exact to that at the historical date. June instead of, but on the weekends in June until August. The CSDs taketheir origins as political demonstration still in demonstration parades with a political slogan and demonstrations instead of. Hieran take frequently prominent ones, like e.g. in Berlin (2000) President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Thierse, Federal Ministries Renate Künast, 2001 the governing mayor Klaus Wowereit (since 2001), in Frankfurt/Main 2004 Oberbürgermeisterin Petra Roth and the hessian Prime Minister Roland cook part. Highest-ranking participant was Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs and vice-chancellor Joschka Fischer (Cologne 2002, Hamburg 2004, Cologne 2005). In some cities politicians transfer also the patronage,as in Hamburg the mayor at that time Ortwin round, in Dresden mayor Ingolf Rossberg or in peppering castle Claudia Roth. In Munich - compared with other German towns with millions of inhabitants - the small demonstration course becomes meanwhile already nearly traditional by mayors Christian Ude aforementioned. Additionally to the political message of the CSDs omitted one celebrates. Celebrating the own life-style justifies itself from the origin of the CSDs: it is to be demonstrated demonstratively that one proudly on itself, its life and its sexual identityto be can (therefore it also the name Gay Pride of “gay pride” for such meetings).

Apart from the CSD parade there are whole culture weeks with well-known artists, political meetings and parties in many cities. In Cologne the CSD had in the year 2002 to firstTimes more visitor into the city lured than the rose on Mondays course.

Because of the commercialization and increasing Entpolitisierung of the “large CSD” there is Kreuzberger CSD” for several years alternative, in the vernacular “parade mentioned in Berlin: the transgenialen CSD. It becomesfrom an open group of organizations arranges. Parties may not talk, and there are no cars of parties or companies. The slogan of this year is not “a private thing”; there are working groups to the topics to poverty and Hartz4, city restructuring, fortress Europe and other more, everythingnaturally under lebitranschwulem or queerem view.

In the following cities annually larger CSD Strassenfeste and/or parades take place:

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sincein each case 1991 assign the EPOA (European Pride Organizer's Association, federation of European CSD organizations) to a city the title Europride. This CSD is then more largely put on accordingly, in order to achieve an appropriate international attention. The cities, those the Europridesince then aligned, are:

CSD 2002 in Stuttgart
CSD 2002 in Stuttgart

The Europride 2004 found of 4. to 13. Instead of, in the year 2005 celebrated June in Hamburg homosexual ones in Oslo of 17. up to 27. June. 2006 become the Europride of 15. June to 1. July in London take place.

Information and complete calendarsat the EPOA Website [1]


the first world-wide CSD with participants and supervisors from countries of all world was the Worldpride 2000 in Rome. The second Worldpride was planned for August 2005 in Jerusalem, is however up 2006 shifted, so that it does not fall into the time of the retreat of Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip.

In a common press conference of moslemischen, Jewish and Christian religion leaders these turned in different sharpness against the planned demonstration and thoseMeetings. The moslemische sheikh Menasra threatened: To place „Jerusalem on the head, with the Jews and Christians “, if it is to come to that its opinion to teuflischen demonstration. Oberrabbiner Amar spoke offense Jerusalems of one „“, the representative of the Vatikan of „provocation “, bishop Scherevian: „We are for human rights, but against sin and crime, on which in the Bible the death penalty . “

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