Chrysler Building

base data
place: New York
use: Office building
construction period: 1928 - 1930
architect: William van Alen
architectural style: Kind Decó
Technical data
height: -
absolute height: 319m
of floors: 77
building material: Stone
Blick vom Empire State Building
view of the Empire State Building

the Chrysler Building is a well-known Wolkenkratzer in New York town center and ranks among the landmarks of the city.

The foundation-stone for the building with the address 405 Lexington Avenue, corner 42. Road, became to 19. September 1928 put, the opening celebration found to 28. May 1930 instead of. With 319 m was itthe opening the highest building of the world. Up to the roof it measures 292 m, since the metal point belongs however to the essential structure of the building, it to the official height is taken in account. During building it had an embittered race with the tower into the last daysthe bank OF Manhattan given, which the Chrysler Building decided for itself, when the 56 meters manufactured inside the tower high steel point was up-heaved and fastened within 90 minutes as from a Kokon. Per week on the average four floors were established, for at that timeConditions a record. Already in the following year it was overhauled however by the Empire State Building. Architect of the building was William van Alen. Originally for the Chrysler corporation built, belongs the building today the GVP-AG.

The building became in kind the Déco - style establishes, particularly those Lobby captivates by most diverse elements in marble, Onyx and amber. In 67. Floor particularly was one during the Prohibition notorious restaurant bar, the Cloud in such a way specified club, in the former “dwelling” of the firm founder Chryslers. Unfortunately nothing more is received, to 2001/02 became theseFloors into conventional offices converted and the marvelous kind Deco elements irreparably destroys, which was kept secret before the public. In 76. Floor is accommodated a transmitting plant. At the building one finds Gargoyles and other Wasserspeier in the form of wheel covers, fenders and hoods. The dome of the buildingis manufactured from not rusting steel, which comes off for the New Yorker Skyline so unmistakable lighting by relatively inconspicuous neon tubes , which are attached at the window framework. The windows are probably still originals and can by the way in all floors be opened (sliding windows).

To visit one can ofChrysler Building only the lobby (inclusive own Subway entrance, however only on workdays). In order to arrive at (still in kind Deco held) the elevators, one needs a special document of identification or a date with one there that resident companies. The office floors differ only at the prospect fromother offices - of kind Deco no trace.

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coordinates: 40° 45 ′ 6 " N, 73° 58 ′ 33 " W


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