Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris (* 10. March 1940 in Ryan, Oklahoma; actually Carlo Ray Norris Jr.) is US-American act ion an actor.

Chuck Norris is Executive producer and leading actor of Walker, Texas Ranger, a successful US TV serial. He than film opponent of Bruce Lee attained larger admittingness into the death claw strikes again too and by its three motion picture films of the MISSINGs in Action - row.

Norris is the son of a Cherokee and an Irishwoman, Ray and Wilna Norris. It is the oldest of altogether three children. Its father was alcoholic and left the family early. When Norris was 12, he pulled with his nut/mother and the brothers from Oklahoma to California. After its High School conclusion it occurred the air Force and in Korea was used. From its comrades it received the pointed name “Chuck”. During the Korea time it turned and trained themselves the Korean combat art seaweed Soo DO to the combat haven. Only 1962 it returned again to the USA and created several carat schools. To its pupils belonged among other things Prominent like Steve McQueen, which it on the idea brought to enter into the film business Priscilla Presley and Michael Landon.

1968 he was middleweight world champion in carats. In the year 1969 it became of the magazine “Black Belt” the “Fighter of the yearly” auserkoren. In addition Norris was the first western man, who in the Taekwondo with that 8. Dan of the black belt was distinguished. Due to its typical roles as unbesiegbarer, law-abiding Actionheld a humor culture formed, referenziert as Chuck Norris Facts; Short jokes, which represent its superiority. Example: „Chuck Norris doesn't READ books. He of star them down until he GET the information he wants.“. See also

The moreover one Norris has an autobiography with the title “The Secret OF internal Strength” (dt. Secret of the internal strength) publishes and created the relief organization “Kickstart”, in order to work against force and drug trade at schools.

Chuck Norris has four children. From first marriage the two already adults of sons Mike and Eric and from the second marriage with Gena O'Kelley the twins Dakota Alan Norris, a boy, and Danilee Kelly Norris, a girl.

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during its gloss time as actors had subscribed Norris particularly on the representation of silent loners, whom partly a quite patriotic-reactionary convicition to look placed and their fights against uramerikanische enemy pictures out-fenced. Thus it fought for example in invasion U.S.A. (1985) against Soviet invaders, in delta Force (1986) against Arab terrorists and in MISSINGs in Action (1984) against Vietcong. Its second parade role was those of the law guardian, which falls back for the fulfilment of its task also to not always legal methods; as such he in McQuade , the wolf ( 1982) and Cusack , the silent one ( 1985) was to be seen.


  • 1969 Rollkomando (The Wrecking crew)
  • 1973 the death claw strikes again to (Return OF The Dragon)
  • 1976 Breaker! Breaker! (Breaker! Breaker!)
  • 1977 (Good Guys Wear Black)
  • 1978 the bulldozer (A Force OF One)
  • 1979 Octagon (The Octagon)
  • 1980 giant (at Eye For at Eye)
  • 1981 the mute monster (silent rises up)
  • 1981 cold rage (Forced Vengeance)
  • 1982 McQuade, the wolf (Lone wolf McQuade)
  • 1984 MISSING in Action (MISSINGs in Action)
  • 1985 MISSINGs in Action 2 - the return (MISSING to Action II: The Beginning)
  • 1985 code OF Silence (code OF Silence)
  • 1985 invasion the USA (invasion the USA)
  • 1986 delta Force (delta Force)
  • 1986 the fire roller (Firewalker)
  • 1987 MISSINGs in Action 3 - Braddock (Braddock: MISSING in Action III)
  • 1988 Hero (Hero and The terror)
  • 1990 delta Force 2 (delta Force 2: Operation Stranglehold)
  • 1991 Hitman (The Hitman)
  • 1993 Sidekicks (Sidekicks)
  • 1994 Hellbound (Hellbound)
  • 1995 Top Dog (Top Dog)
  • 1995 Forest Warrior (Forest Warrior)

combat art

Chuck Norris is American seaweed Soo DO - masters and Taekwondo - master (8. Dan), sixfold full contact - world champion, informed numerous Hollywood actors in the seaweed Soo DO and pulled themselves 1974 nearly unbesiegt from the match haven back.

In the meantime Chuck Norris concerned itself also with other combat arts, as the Brazil Jiu Jitsu, which he practiced with the Machados. A combat haven technology, which is connected with its name, is the Roundhouse Kick, with which it circles apparently in air floating, with stretched legs very fast.

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