Chuck school servant

Charles “Chuck” school servant (* 13. May 1967 in Long Iceland, New York; † 13. December 2001) was guitarist and for its salient voice of well-known singers of the Death Metal volume Death. Into the 1980er years still played it in that Canadian volume Slaughter. Besides it led a project named control Denied, which turned rather to progressive power the Metal, although in addition, had some Death metallic loans. It died in December 2001 after months-long fight at cancer. It did not leave debts, there it a health insurancehad and its operations themselves to pay had, and/or. was dependent on donations.

With 16 the young Charles created the volume MANTAS in the year 1983 with schoolmates (Rick Rozz - guitar, Barney Lee - singing, Schlagzeug). 1984 became the first single “emotional” and a few monthslater the Demotape “Death by Metal” taken up in the garage by Chucks nut/mother. Shortly thereafter the project was closed again and Chuck floated new ideas before which it for a new project, which it called short hand “Death” to use wanted, into also again the twoMantas fellow combatants participated. Chuck had taken over for this new volume the singing and soon next demo “Reign the OF terror” had been already brought in. 1985 followed the demo “Infernal Death”, “Rigor Mortis” (only a Song) and “bake from the DEAD”. After “Rigor Mortis” already withoutGuitarist Rick Rozz, which had left the volume briefly before, to be taken up had pushed already soon the two musicians matt Olivio (guitar) and Scott Carlson (bass) that volume “Genocide” in addition, there also Drummer Barney Lee decided to leave those volume. But also this occupationheld not for a long time and Chuck decided a excursion to San Francisco to make where it for Drummer Eric break became acquainted with and thereupon again after Florida returned. Later Chuck with the Canadians “Slaughter” took up the Song “Fuck OF DEAD” and did thereupon with Schiessbudenaktivist ChrisHoar frost ore together. 6. Demotape “Mutilation” let listen attentively Combat record those that 19 year old Chuck immediately as disk label to serve should. 1987 then with Chuck to 4 and 6-Saiter and the again in addition-pushed Chris hoar frost ore the first fill Lenght album “Scream Bloody would ferment” taken up whicha classical author for the entire Metalszene will should.


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