Chungking express

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Film data
of German titles: Chungking express
original title: Chung hung SAM lam
production country: Hong Kong
feature year: 1994
length (PAL - DVD): 98 minutes
of source language: Cantonese
age release: FSK 12
direction: Wong Kar Wai
film script: Wong Kar Wai
production: Yi-kan Chan
music: Frankie Chan
Michael Galasso
Roel A. García
camera: Christopher Doyle
Wai Keung Lau
cut: William Chang
kit Wai dock
Chi Leung Kwong

Chungking express (original: 重慶森林) a film of the Hongkonger of director is Wong Kar Wai from the year 1995. During the turning work Wong Kar Wai from the last part of the film script its own film, traps Angels decided, to turn.

Chungking express of one of the most impressing films is visual. Night-vision devices, Low Light and the neon-sharp night world of Hong Kong make artificial lighting a redundant extra. This film gets along with its spleenigen characters well without large technical expenditure. Prevented and word-meager dear stories in nearly Food restaurant and the nocturnal roads are intensified in such a way by hand camera and Available lying cycle per second photography.

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