Cinderella is the name for a Märchenfigur, those, particularly common in the English linguistic area, in most courses the Italian La Cenerentola (Giovanni Battista Basile), the French Cendrillon (Charles Perrault) and the German Aschenputtel and/or. Ash-bubble the brothers Grimm corresponds. Generally became the name admits also in the German linguistic area first by the ballet of the same name of Sergej Prokofieff , later in still larger measure by the popular Disney - Zeichentrickfilm - classical authors.


  • Cinderella (ballet), ballet of Sergej Prokofieff
  • Cinderella is the original title of at least 24 cinema television and Videofilmen, which developed between 1898 and 2004, under it:
  • Cinderella is also a component of the titles of further films and Nichtoriginaltitel of films, for example:
  • Cinderella (volume), Heavy Metal volume
  • Cinderella (musical), musical of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Rodgers and OSCAR hammer stone
  • Cinderella (software), geometry software Cinderella (Philatelie
  • ), which is based on Java, the stamp of resembling stickers, Frankaturgültigkeit does not have and its only purpose the sales at collecting tanks is
  • Cinderella Rockefella, a hit of the Gesangsduos Esther & Abi Ofarim
  • Cinderella complex, psychological disturbance of women, with that the unconscious urge, to be loved, supplied and protected, entire acting toward Unselbstständigkeit certainly.
This side is a term clarifying for the distinction of several terms named the same word.

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