Cläre Stinnes

Cläre Stinnes, geb. Car farmhand, (* 26. November 1872 in Montevideo (Uruguay), † 17. January 1973 in Mülheim at the Ruhr) was the wife of the Ruhr ruhrindustriellen Hugo Stinnes.

Their parents were Caroline car farmhand and Edmund Karl car farmhand, who was occasionally than buyer in Montevideo active.

Cläre car farmhand got engaged to 10. July 1894 with Hugo Stinnes on Norderney, the wedding took place to 15. June 1895 in Wiesbaden. From the marriage seven children followed.

After the death of its married man in the year 1924 it became business guide of the Hugo Stinnes GmbH, action ILS von Hugo Stinnes' Firmenimperium. Until few years before its death it led in forwarding business, shipping company, large and foreign trade as well as banking active enterprises.


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