the term clan (or Klan, of gälisch Clann, “children, descendants”) designates a kinship with special characteristics in the Scottish society.

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Klan a term used for Scottish family federations , which is also generally used however in the meantime for a descendant federation connected by common descent , is originally exclusive.

Anthropologen designate smaller, on relationshipbeing based federations below the organization form of a trunk or a Ethnie as Klan. Contrary to the Lineages member of a Klans their common ancestor usually, probably exactly however clan Heiligtümer cannot indicate, - animals and - to taboos. A Klan consists frequently of several Lineages.

In more recent timeoccasionally also as adverse expression for socially despised families or circles uses. In contrast to it clan stands also for a family federation relying on common possession, which makes determined mental and physical demands against the associated ones. Who does not fulfill these requirements, separates from thatFederation and the promotions which are connected with the affiliation (for example scholarships) out.

Subunits of an Indian trunk are often called Klans, so for example with the Irokesen.

For clan within the range of the computer games see it haven.

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  • the clan from money and genes. North first EDT: BoD 2003, ISBN 3833002530 (Science fiction).
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