Clara Haskil

Clara Haskil (* 7. January 1895 in Bucharest, 7. December 1960 in Brussels) was a Romanian Pianistin. Their concert career began 1909 after the profit 2. Price in the subject piano to Paris conservatoires - there she was pupil of Alfred Cortot .

Frequent diseases since 1920 connected with extreme lamp fever prevented first larger successes. Starting from 1942 it lived in Switzerland. Only 1949 during a set of concerts in the Netherlands received it to it being entitled acknowledgment. 1951 succeeded to it with triumphalen successes with Paris concerts the international break-through. Haskil was considered to Interpretin as a prominent Mozart -. Their interpretations of Beethoven, thrust ore and Chopin received in addition, attention. Among their frequent concert partners the violonist Arthur Grumiaux as well as the Cellist Pablo Casals rank.

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