Clarence White

Clarence White (* 7. June 1944 in Lewiston, Maine; † 14. July 1973) was an US-American Bluegrass musician, who was members of the Kentucky Colonels and the Byrds.

Although Clarence White originates from the northern US-American Federal State Maine (and belonged has a Canadian father), its love from earliest childhood the Bluegrass resident in the south - music. After that the family to California had pulled, created it with his brothers Eric and Roland the Three Little Country Boys, from which 1962 became the Kentucky Colonels. One played a modern Bluegrass, into which also elements of other style directions flowed.

To the Westcoast developed in these years a small however qualitatively high-quality Bluegrasszene to quite maintain it against the over-powerful Folkbewegung knew myself. Carried by talentierten musicians such as Chris Hillman, the Gosdin Brothers and not least Clarence White.

After the Kentucky Colonels 1965 had apart-gone, White worked first as a session musician. It worked with photographs of gives Gilbeau and genes Parsons, which Gosdin Brothers, Wynn Stewart and other one along and even its own album brought in, which was however not published.

1968 it followed the group of Nashville west , where under other genes Pasons, Sneaky Pete Kleinow and give Gilbeau played. In the same year it became member of the Byrds. Here it did not replace smaller ones than the musical genius Gram Parsons, which had left the volume in the controversy. After also Chris Hillman had stepped out, White took over the musical Führerschaft together with Roger McGuinn.

The Byrds went 1973 finally apart, and White worked again as a session musician. It followed for short time of the Bluegrassgruppe Muleskinner and supported genes Parsons when bringing its first solo album in. The Kentucky Colonols was formed a little later again. A European tour and a first own album were planned. To 14. July 1973 came it to a tragic incident following a birthday celebration with Roger McGuinn. One had made music together, and White loaded instruments on a Truck, when he was seized of a drunk driver and hurt deadly. The California Bluegrassszene had lost one their to valley-animal-test members.


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