Claude Bloodgood

Claude Frizzel Bloodgood (* 14. July 1937 in La Paz, Mexico as Klaus Bluttgutt; † 4. August 2001 close smelling moon (Virginia)) were an US-American murderer and chess player.


over its youth is not well-known anything details. It maintained, 1924 born and during 2. World war in a German submarine as a feeler gauge into the USA to have come. Into the 1950er-Jahren he was according to own data occupation chess player and played allegedly against numerous famous personalities.

1958 it created a remote chess organization, the universe service pos valley Chess club (ASPCC). Into the 1960er-Jahren he came several times with the law into conflict and served several detentions because of theft and fraud.

1969 it murdered its stepmother, whom it strangled in a controversy over from it falsified cheques, and for it 1970 in Virginia to death was condemned. In its time in the death cell it played over 2.000 remote games of chess. After six postponed execution dates it was begnadigt 1972 to a lifelong imprisonment. It was permitted it to leave for the participation in chess tournaments the prison under guard. 1974 it used such an opportunity as well as an accomplice to the escape and after several weeks again was only seized. In the consequence it was only permitted to it to play against Mitgefangene chess. This several thousand portions, which he won against weak opponents nearly all, it submitted all with the chess federation United States Chess Federation for Elo evaluation . Thus the strange situation resulted 1996 that he was with a valuation number of 2702 on the paper the secondarybest player of the USA behind Gata Kamsky, although his actual play strength was far under it. It would have formally had thereby a requirement on the participation in the national championship of the USA, on which however neither the chess federation nor the prison administration in wanted to let themselves. Instead it one permitted, to in June 2000 the 15 beginning. To participate US remote chess championship. This tournament could not it no more terminate, there it to 4. August 2001 in the penal establishment Powhatan Correctional center at cancer of the lungs deceased.


Bloodgood published three books over from it preferred chess openings:

  • The tactical rough. Chess, Suez clay/tone Coldfield 1976
  • Nimzovich attack: the Norfolk gambits, 1 Nf3 d5 2 b3 c5 3 e4 or 1 Nf3 d5 2 b3 Nf6 3 Bb2 c5 4 e4. Chess Digest, Grand Prairie 1997. ISBN 0-87568-289-8
  • Blackburne Hartlaub gambit: 1 d4 e5 2 dxe5 d6!? (together with Donald K. Wedding). Chess Digest, Grand Prairie 1998. ISBN 0-87568-292-8

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