Claude Louis Marie Henri Navier

Claude Louis Marie Henri Navier (* 10. February 1785 in Dijon; † 21. August 1836 in Paris) was a French mathematician and physicist.

Naviers father died 1793, whereupon his nut/mother him in the Obhut of its uncle Emil and Gauthey left, a well-known engineer in the Corps of the Ponts et Chaussées. 1802 it began studies to the École Polytechnique, set this 1804 to the École of the Ponts et Chaussées away and gradudierte 1806. After it Gauthey and Navier died briefly received from the Corpsthe order to regenerate its works.

From 1819 at informed it to the École of the Ponts et Chaussées and became 1830 there professor for mechanics. 1831 he became additionally a professor for analysis and mechanics to the École Polytechnique, as replacement for inx the exile gone Cauchy.

Navier brought the elasticity theory into one mathematically with visible expenditure manageable form. Charles Augustin de Coulomb had obtained already similar results, which had remained to a large extent unconsidered however in the bar theory. 1819 succeeded to Navier the correct determination of the zero-line indicated wrongly by Galileo Galilei; it separated 1826 clearly between the modulus of elasticity as a material property and the moment of inertia as a geometrical characteristic of the given bar cross section. Due to these work and their accessible representation Navier is considered as a founder of the structural design.

it gave the Navier Stokes equations for the movement of a viscous liquid to 1822 on.

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