Claudia Bokel

Claudia Bokel (* 30. August 1973) is a German Degenfechterin.

Claudia Bokel - native Dutchwoman (Ter Apel) - fences today for fences club deaf bishop home. Them became for the first time 1992 junior world champion in Genova. It also 1993 in Denver defended this title. In the single them became 2001 first and only German world champion in Nîmes. With the crew it won 1993 in meals , 1997 in Capetown and 2003 in Havanna WM-silver, 1999 WM-bronze in Seoul. 1998 and 2003 it became German Meisterin in the single, 2005 in addition German Meisterin in the single and with the crew. With the olympic summer games it got 2004 in Athens together with Imke Duplitzer and Britta heath man crew silver behind the team from Russia. In addition it is active in various honorary offices: President of the EOC Athletenkommission (EOC: European olympic committee; to 22. May 2005 in Kiew with 22 of 26 possible voices selected), member in the adviser of the active ones in FCB, member in the Kuratorium of the NADA, personal member in the NOC and Patin of the elite school “fencing boarding school Bonn”.


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