Claudia Künzel

Claudia Künzel (* 1. February 1978 in Zschopau, Germany) is a German Skilangläuferin and starts for the WSC ore mountains Oberwiesenthal. She is sport soldier with the German Federal Armed Forces.

Claudia Künzel won with the olympic winter plays 2002 gold with the relay, at the WM 2003 gold with the relay and silver in the Sprint. In the Gesamtweltcup their best placing was the sieved place in the season 2002/03. In the year 2004 it won the 10-km run in Otepaeae (Estonia).

With the olympic winter plays 2006 in Turin it won the silver medal in the Sprintwettbewerb (1.145 km), and with the German crew it fought for further silver medal in the relay competition. With this match Claudia arrears of 10 seconds accumulated.

It is married with the Norwegian Trond Nystad, the coach of US - American ski long runner.

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