Claudia Marx

Claudia Marx (* 16. September 1978 in Berlin) is a German light athlete, who was successful since center of the 1990er years as 400-Meter-Läuferin. Their largest success is those relay silver medal in the 4x400-Meter-Lauf with the world championship 2001 (3: 21.97 s, together with Grit Breuer, Florence Ekpo Umoh and Shanta Ghosh).

With the junior world championship 1996 it was assigned in the advance of the 4x400-Meter-Staffel, which won the end run. With the junior European championship 1997 it won the bronze medal with the German 4x400-Meter-Staffel. 1998 were interrupted their career by a heavy car accident.

Since the free air season 2005 it starts also over 400 meters hurdles and became directly with their first run German Meisterin. Thus it was allowed to start also over this distance with the athlete IC world championship 2005 in Helsinki and came in the semi-final. The semi-final was third of their career at all. In addition it was Startläuferin of the German 4 X.400 m relay, that became in the final sixth.

Claudia Marx belonged to 2004 the LG Nike Berlin (coach: Bernd Knobloch) on, afterwards it changed to the Erfurter LAC (coach: Dietmar Jarosch). It is 1.72 meters large and weighs 59 kg. It studies sport sciences at the Humboldt university Berlin.

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