Claudia Uhle

Claudia Uhle (* 15. March 1976 in Berlin) is a German singer and front woman of the group of X-Perience and from fishing rod zoom shot.

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musical training

Claudia Uhle had flutes as a child first - and piano instruction, was interested however more in the singing. In order to finance their singing instruction, she hired herself in Berlin as Organistin for many church municipalities in services. In addition it visited a musical High School. During the school time it even already sang in different choirs, as a dte rodent at the German state opera. Claudia Uhles brand name is their voice, which can vary her over three Oktaven.


after your training joined it 1995 the Popgruppe X-Perience, in which their brother was active already Matthias Uhle. 1996 had it their large break-through with the piece of A neverending dream.

fishing rod zoom shot

2004 started it its solo project fishing rod zoom shot. Similarly as on the third X-Perience album Journey OF would run mixes fishing rod zoom shot Ethno and Folkeinflüsse with moderate drink - rhythms. One can recognize musical thing in common with Enya.

In the year 2004 the debut single Fairyland on the market came. The title could place itself in the German Charts. At the beginning of of 2005 bake after-pushed into the moment, a Duett with Joachim joke.



  • 2004: Fairyland
  • 2005: Bake into the moment


  • 2004: Fishing rod zoom shot

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