Claudio Pizarro

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Claudio Pizarro (15.04.06)

Claudio Miguel Pizarro Bossio (* 3. October 1978 in Lima) is a Peruvian football national player.

Its career in Germany began 1999, as the sports association Werder Bremen it from the Peruvian club Alianza Lima for a transfer fee of converted 1.5 millions € verplichtete. After strong achievements the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich to it attentively and in the year 2001 secured it the rights of the Stürmers for converted 8.0 millions €. Pizarro carries the back number 14 with the fiber plastic Bavaria. Besides he is a captain of the Peruvian national team.

Claudio Miguel Bossio Pizarro was born at the 3.Oktober 1978 around 8.33Uhr in the Naval Medical center in Calao. He spends its childhood together with its nut/mother Patricia Bossio, its father Claudio Pizarro Dávila an Navy officer, his 3 years younger sister Patricia and its 12 years younger brother Diego in Santiago de Surco a small neighboring place of Lima. It goes on the Liceo Naval School. After he at noon of the school home comes eats it fast something and goes then to outside into the park over with his friends football playing. Claudio does not however only play football, it collects also poster and booklets over its favourite crews and favourite players. It can hardly expect the weekends, there it then with its father in the stadium goes over its favourite club Alianza Lima when playing watching. At the age of 11 years it catches at gulf to play and with the time is interested it also in other kinds of sport, as basketball and tennis, which it exercises then also at school in the Peruvian Naval center club. It goes rarely with friends on parties, plays instead dear football. 1995 in its last year at school white it yet that he becomes once football professional, it do not remember to study at the university or like its father Navy officer become. But after it for the U17 national team for Peru is nominated and as 17-Jähriger for the first time with Deportivo Pesquero plays, white it that its passion in the football lies. It plays 1 year there, then it changes for 2 years to Alianza Lima. With 21 years he marries its Schulfreundin and youth love Karla Salcedo at the 22.April 1999. They go then both to Germany, since it changes by its advisor of Carlo Delgado to Werder Bremen. In the same year his first child, a son, to the world at the 17.Oktober, comes which after his father, grandfather and great-grandfather also Claudio is called. 2 years after it changes for 15 millions DM to the best German club the record master fiber plastic Bavaria Munich. It keeps its back number the 14. From now on it goes with its career as a football professional only uphill. After it with the fiber plastic Bavaria 2001 the world cup wins and its daughter Antonella in Munich to the world comes says it in an interview that it an honour for it is for as a successful club as playing the fiber plastic Bavaria and it wants to remain there up to the end of its career. After the plays and training he makes each mark happy home to come themselves and with his wife and his two children be. It lives itself fast in Munich in and visits each year the Octoberfest. With Munich it wins still many titles and also still many will win, there it recently only its contract up to 30. June 2007 extended. Most beautiful and most important successes of its career are the world cup victory 2001, the German championship 2003 and the victory in the DFB cup 2003. Only the victory in the championsleague is missing to it, however the chances stand well, since it plays with Bavaria. For this season it has already a victory in the league cup, with which they win the final against its earlier club Werder Bremen. There it unfortunately cannot be thereby since it tightens itself with a play with the Peruvian national team with the Copa America in the summer a head cover incipient crack. He celebrates its comeback to 18. August against Dortmund, where it in the 69. Minute for Vahid Hashemian is exchanged. Its first play after its injury is in the DFB cup against the Vfl Osnabrück, there gets it from the beginning for Bavaria the victory. Before the play against Bremen it hurts itself at the back. It must pausieren and plays only against the VfL wolf castle again whereby it the victory for Bavaria with its two gates in the single-handed attempt gets. With the victory of the championsleague it will have 2005 unfortunately nothing, but in the DFB cup and in the federal league it good chances. That would then be the 18. Meistertitel for the FCB and the 2. with the Claudio helped. There are many pointed names for it, Pizza, and bomber or also Inkakaiser. It is one of the perfect Stürmer, means among other things Felix Magath.

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