Claudio Reyna

Claudio Reyna (* 20. July 1973 in Livingston, new jersey) is momentary an US-American football player and captain of the US-American national soccer team. Reyna, a midfield player, is at present under contract with Manchester town center in an English Prime Minister League.

Reyna played college football at the University OF Virginia, where he was already trained by the momentary US-American national coach Bruce arena. Reyna was distinguished in the year 1992 with the Hermann Trophy and in the years 1992 and 1993 with the MAC Award, both a kind honor soccer player of the yearly in the USA. It changed to Germany into the federal league to Bavarian Leverkusen, came there however only on very few employments and from there at the VfL wolf castle was passed on, where it by far more success had. In wolf castle he became first American captain in a larger European soccer association. In January 1999 it changed to the Glasgow Rangers, for which it played almost three years. Afterwards it changed for 6,7 millions Euro into the English Prime Minister League after Sunderland.

In October 2002 Reyna suffered a front cross torn-tape condition in its knee, which him for the remainder of the season 2002/03 put out of action. After Sunderlands descent into the roofridge division could the association Reynas high salary not further finance, so that itself the “Black Cats” for a premature sales at Manchester town center for only 3.75 millions Euro decided. Reyna had also in its first season for Manchester further injury problems, could however for the conclusion of the season 2003/04 into the initial eleven play itself.

Reyna completed to 15. January 1994 its first international match in the US-American national team against Norway. It belonged to the cadre of the national team for the WM 1994 , could not not be used however because of an injury. Reyna participated thereafter also in the WM 1998 and particularly in the WM 2002 . There, in the year 2002, he led the US-American national team into the quarter final, in which one had to give oneself the later finalists Germany struck. He was the first American, who was selected into the all star team of a soccer world championship.

In Great Britain he got the pointed name Captain America due to his task of captain in the American national team.


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