Claus William Canaris

Claus William Canaris (* 1. July 1937 in Liegnitz) is a German civil practice lawyer and right philosopher.

One attained a doctorate to Canaris 1963 with the writing the statement of gaps in the law and habilitierte themselves 1967 (the confidence adhesion in German private law) with Karl Larenz in Munich. After short Professuren at the universities Graz (1968) and Hamburg (1969 to 1972) is it since 1972 as a successor of Karl Larenz professor for civil right, handels and industrial law as well as philosophy of law at the Ludwig Maximilians university in Munich. 1989 were lent Canaris the Leibniz price of the German research council. Since 1990 it is tidy member and since 1999 vice-president of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and secretary of the philosophical-historical class. It was considerably involved in the reform of the law of contract in the year 2001 (member of the commission achievement disturbance right called up by the Federal Ministry of the law).


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