Clemens Fritz

Clemens Fritz (* 7. December 1980 in Erfurt) is a German football player.

Clemens Fritz played in its youth time with the fiber plastic red white Erfurt. When the association came into financial difficulties, the VfB Leipzig secured itself the services of the talentierten midfield player. Two years later came the Leipziger themselves into a financial inclination. The Erfurter used the opportunity and fetched Clemens back Fritz. Fritz succeeded immediately the jump into the regional league crew, where he was promoted increasingly to the service provider.

In the year 2001 Fritz changed together with its friend Marco Engelhardt from Erfurt to the secondary league on riser Karlsruher sports club, where both became likewise fast master players. In the year 2003 the ways of the two separated, since Clemens Fritz changed into the federal league to Bavarian 04 Leverkusen. To the season 2006/2007 it changes to the sports association Werder Bremen, where it signed a contract to 2009.

Although Clemens Fritz was always considered as the larger talent, succeeded to its gone away Marco Engelhardt before him the jump into the national team. Fritz was back-thrown in the last years always again by injuries, so that this step remained refused for him so far.


  • 1. Federal league: 37 plays/2 gates
  • 2. Federal league: 62 plays/7 gates

(conditions: 05. April 2006)


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