Clemens of Podewils

Clemens count von Podewils (- Juncker Bigatto) (* 20. August 1905 in Bamberg; † 5. August 1978 in Munich) was a German journalist and writer.

The officer son and grandchild Bavarian Prime Ministers Clemens count von Podewils Dürnitz studied in Munich. it junior lawyer in Hamburg and was also attained a doctorate to 1927 there. 1929 began its journalistic activity as a culture correspondent of different German newspapers (and. A. “Resident of Munich newest one message”, “Germania”, “Kölni people newspaper”) in England and France. it worked 1932 to 1934 as Presseattaché at the German message in Brussels. Subsequently, he withdrew himself as a landowner to lock Schweissing with bad into Westböhmen.

Starting from 1939 Podewils was a war correspondent in Russia, Italy and France and turned out 1944 (until 1946) into English war shank. From 1949 to 1975 it worked as a Secretary-General of the Bavarian academy of the beautiful arts. In whose it published order together with Heinz Piontek starting from 1968/69 the international yearbook for literature “ensemble”. Furthermore it stepped with narrations (and. A. The Zriny, 1955) and lyric poetry (and. A. The way control room, 1978) out. Its wife was the Lyrikerin Sophie Dorothee geb. Freiin of deer mountain, its daughter is an authoress Barbara of Wulffen.


  • of the Zriny. Munich: Piper 1955
  • the way control room. Pfullingen: Neske 1978

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