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Clinton Eastwood jr. (* 31. May 1930 in San Francisco, California, the USA) is an US-American producer, film director and an actor. In and the 70's 60's he counted as word-meager Western and Actionheld tooworld-wide most popular star. Clint Eastwood is one of the most renowned film directors and to 1993 and 2005 a OSCAR for the best direction received.

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the early years

Clint Eastwood Clinton Eastwood became and as a son of the learned accountanthis Mrs. Ruth born. During the depression time the father was forced to work as a service-station attendant and pulled with its family on the search for an always new job by the country. Clint lived occasionally with its grandmother, those in Sunola chicken farm managed. Finally the family in Oakland established itself. Eastwood, which applied in recent years as shy and introvertiert, visited ten different schools and went off prematurely 1948 the college. He worked among other things as a Holzfäller, service-station attendant andWarehouse worker.

1951 it was called up into the Army and shifted after away Ord, where it was two years long active as swimming teachers. With the Army learned Clint David Janssen , the later actor smelling pool of broadcasting corporations of the Kimble from the series “upthe escape ". Janssen suggested to the good-looking, athletic Eastwood, it as trying it as actors in Hollywood.

, first

a half yearly contract inclusive got first roles of Eastwood completed test photographs with universal Pictures. Play instruction and retired1955 in small Nebenrollen up. He was to be seen short into the revenge of the monster (1955) as a laboratory assistant, in Tarantula (1955) played he a jet pilot. By a serious illness the recent pair came to his Mrs. Maggie into financial difficulties. In additionEastwoods contract was not extended by universal 1957. He worked again as a swimming teacher and briefly of the film company RKO under contract was taken, which withdrew itself soon thereafter however from the film business. 1959 could seize Eastwood with watching television foot and took overin the long-lived Western series Rawhide (in Germany: „Cowboys “and “1000 miles dust”) the role of the cowboy Rowdy Yates. Until 1965 it played the part in 217 consequences.

the 1960er years

1964 engaged the Italian director Sergio LeoneEastwood for the main role in its cheaply produced Western “for a handful dollar “. Eastwood received only 15,000 dollar to fee. The film became a sensational success and released the Italo Western - wave. In the role of the silent “strangerwithout name ", which opposite-steps its opponents in a Poncho and also up-attractive casualness, Eastwood became an icon of the popular culture. It varied the role in the successful Leone films “for a few dollar more “(1965) and” twoglorious Halunken “(1966).

Hollywood showed first still no interest in Eastwood (for a handful dollar came only 1967 into the US-American cinemas). Starting from end of the 60's the actor could die itself however with films like “agentslonely “(1968) or”, also in its homeland as a Top star form combat patrol gold “(1970), in which it the image of the laconic Actionhelden maintained. 1968 it began a co-operation for many years with director Don seal, it first in“Coogans more largely bluff “(1968) began, where Eastwood was to be seen as province Sheriff in New York.

the superstar

1971 succeeded to Eastwood in Hollywood the final break-through at the superstar. Under the direction of Don seal it playedthe title-giving role of the police inspector Dirty Harry Calahan, which hunts a psychopathischen series killer in San Francisco. The controversially discussed film, in which Eastwood with doubtful methods fights the crime, established the Dirty Harry character as new cult figure. 1971 debütierte Clint Eastwood alsothe Psycho thriller Sadistico in addition as a film director.

As act ion and Westernheld Clint Eastwood into the 1980er ranked years inside among the world-wide most popular Filmschauspielern. It played several times the success role of the Harry Calahan and was in Actionfilmen like “the latterbite the dogs “(1974) or” the man, that never gives up (1977) “successfully. In the Actionkomödie “the man from San Fernando “(1978) it had an incalculable Orang Utan to the partner. In the prison thriller “escape of Alcatraz “playedit 1979 for the last time under the direction of Don seal.

Parallel to its star career Clint Eastwood formed itself as a director and produced from the criticism praised films like the epischen late Western “the Texaner “(1976) or the Filmbiografie“Bird “(1988), in which it told the life history of the jazz musician Charlie Parker. Eastwood was time life a large jazz fan and contributed starting from 1980 occasionally as a composer to its films. As a director is Eastwood for its fast and effectiveWork way admits.

End of the 1980er years was distinguished Eastwood in France with an honouring César for its life's work.

1990er years and presence

to end of the 1980er years maintained Eastwood, which had come now into the years, alsomoderate success its image as Actionheld. it played 1993 in the successful thriller “into the LINE OF Fire - the second chance “clearly ironically an aging Secret service agent. Also in the following films brought up for discussion Eastwood its advancedOlder purposefully.he found the unrestricted acknowledgment Hollywoods to 1992 with the late Western “pitying lot “and received as director and a producer for the film its first OSCAR. For its work as a producer it became 1994 with the Irving G.Thalberg Memorial Award excellently.

1995 were Eastwood director and leading actor in melancholischen dear history the bridges at the river, where he arose beside Meryl Streep in the unusual role of the romantic, flowers of picking lover. To 29. It received February 1996of the American film of institutes (AFI) the live Achievement Arward for its unique life's work as actors, director and a producer.

Since 1993 Eastwood arose only under own direction on the canvas. It turned thrillers like absolute power (1996) or Blood Work (2002) and could book 2003 for the direction of the dark drama Mystic River, in which he was not to be seen as actors, with the criticism again large success. 2005 he was the large winner of the OSCAR awardand received his second direction OSCAR for its boxing gutter drama million dollar baby. Eastwood is to today (2006) oldest director, to who this honour happened. Both 2004 and 2005 received the main and Nebendarsteller of its films Mystic River (Sean Penn/Tim crawl in) and million dollar baby (Hilary Swank/Morgan Freeman) a OSCAR.

the actor Eastwood

Clint Eastwood became in the course of the decades to one the most popular star world-wide and is generation-spreading asCult figure and icon recognition. The 1.93 meters large star with the salient courses developed large attraction in the role of the silent Actionhelden and is well-known to give with motionless expression zynische Einzeiler from itself to („Make my Day “, „DO youfeel lucky, Punk? “). Eastwoods image of the hard gun hero was controversially discussed particularly in the 70's. The influential Filmkritikerin Pauline Kael attacked Eastwood regularly sharply and accused to its film characters a reactionary and contempting for human beings ideology, which the actorvehement rejected. In the course of the decades and with increasing age its role organizations became clearly gentler and more ironical.


Eastwood was married from 1953 to 1980 in first marriage with Maggie Johnson. It had it as a student duringits military time know learned. With their it has two children. Its only son Kyle Eastwood, born 1968, come out from this marriage, is a successful jazz bassist. After this marriage Eastwood lived together 15 years long with the actress Sondra curl.In March 1996 he married in read Vegas those approximately 35 years younger television lady journalist Dina Ruiz and became in the same year father of a daughter. It has five children and two Enkelkinder from its two marriages and some conditions with actresses.

1986 made Eastwood headlines, when he could be selected in its place of residence Carmel to the mayor.


  • 1955 - the revenge of the monster (Revenge OF the Creature)
  • 1955 - Francis into the Navy
  • 1955 - thosenaked hostages (lady Godiva)
  • 1955 - Tarantula
  • 1956 - only you alone (Never Say Goodbye)
  • 1956 - this very day you are to hang (star into the Dust)
  • 1956 - The roofridge Traveling hall lady
  • 1957 -Verschollen in Japan (Escapade in Japan)
  • 1958 - Ambush RK Cimarron passport
  • 1958 - Lafayette Escadrille
  • 1964 - for a handful dollar (by un pugno dollari)
  • 1965 - for a few dollar more (byqualche dollaro in più) with Lee van Cleef
  • 1966 - two glorious Halunken (IL Buono, IL gross, IL cattivo)
  • 1966 - witches today (Le Streghe) with Silvana Mangano
  • 1968 - hangs it more highly (slope'Em High)
  • 1968 - Coogans more largely bluff (Coogan´s bluff)
  • 1968 - agent die lonely (Where Eagle Dare)
  • 1969 - a food for the vultures (“Two of mules for more sister sara”)
  • 1969 - westward pull the wind (Paint Your Wagon)
  • 1970 - combat patrol gold (“Kelly's Heroes”) with Donald Suez ago country, Telly Savalas
  • 1970 - Betrogen (The Beguiled)
  • 1971 - Sadistico (Play Misty for ME)
  • 1971 - Dirty Harry
  • 1972 - Sinola (Joe Kidd)
  • 1973 - a stranger without name (High Plains Drifter)
  • 1973 - Breezy
  • 1973 - Dirty Harry II - Calahan (Magnum Force)
  • 1974 - the latter bite the dogs (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot)
  • 1975 - On behalf kite (The Eiger Sanction)
  • the 1976 - the Texaner (The Outlaw Josey Wales)
  • 1976 - Dirty Harry III - the inexorable one (The Enforcer)
  • 1977 - the man, who never gives up (The Gauntlet)
  • 1978 - the man from San Fernando (Every Which Way But Loose)
  • 1979 - escape of Alcatraz (escape from Alcatraz)
  • 1980 - Bronco Billy
  • 1980 - with full power after San Fernando (AnyWhich Way You CAN)
  • 1981 - Firefox
  • 1982 - Honkytonk one
  • 1983 - Dirty Harry IV - Dirty Harry comes back (Sudden Impact)
  • 1984 - the wolf rushes the Meute (Tightrope)
  • 1984 - the bulland the Schnüffler (town center Heat)
  • 1985 - Pale Rider - the nameless rider
  • 1986 - Heartbreak Ridge
  • 1988 - Dirty Harry V - the death play (The DEAD pool)
  • 1988 - Bird
  • 1989 - Pink Cadillac
  • 1990 - White hunter, black heart (White Hunter Black Heart)
  • 1990 - Rookie - the beginner (The Rookie)
  • 1992 - pitying lot (Unforgiven)
  • 1993 - into the LINE OF Fire - the second chance (into theLINE OF Fire)
  • 1993 - Perfect World (A Perfect World)
  • 1995 - the bridges at the river (The Bridges OF Madison County)
  • 1997 - absolute power
  • 1997 - midnight in the garden of property and bad (Midnight into the guards OF Good and Evil)
  • 1999 - a true crime (True Crime)
  • 2000 - space cowboy
  • 2002 - Blood Work
  • 2003 - Mystic River
  • 2004 - million dollar baby


  • Academy Awards
    • 1993 OSCAR for the best direction (pitying lot)
    • 1993 OSCAR for the best film (pitying lot)
    • 2005 OSCAR for the best direction (million dollar baby)
    • 2005 OSCAR for the best film (million dollarBaby) common with Albert S. Ruddy and Tom rose mountain
  • golden Globes, the USA
    • 1971 golden Globe for the male world film favorite
    • 1988 Cecil B. DeMille Award
    • 1989 golden Globe for the best direction (Bird)
    • 1993 golden Globe for thosebest direction (pitying lot)
    • 2005 golden Globe for the best direction (million dollar baby)
  • Cannes film festival
    • 2003 golden Coach for Mystic River
  • César Awards, France
    • 2004 César for the best (foreign) film (Mystic River)
  • Venice film festival
    • 2002 Futute Fim festival digitally Award for Blood Work


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