Clinton Davisson

Clinton Joseph Davisson (* 22. October 1881 in Bloomington/Illinois; † 1. February 1958 in Charlottesville/Virginia) was an US-American physicist and Nobelpreisträger.

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Clinton Joseph Davisson became to 22. October 1881 as a son of the craftsman Joseph Davisson and the teacher Mary Calvert in Bloomington/Illinois born. It began in September 1902, after the conclusion of the High School in Bloomington,a study of mathematics and physics at the University OF Chicago, had to break however the study off after one year for financial reasons and accepted a place at a Telefongesellschaft in Bloomington. On recommendation of Millikan, which itwhile its yearly in Chicago had become acquainted with, he received an assistant place to the Purdue University, of June 1904 in January 1904 until August 1904 could he its study in Chicago continue. In September 1904 it became, again on recommendationvon Millikan, auf eine Teilzeitstelle als Physikausbilder an derPrinceton University berufen, die er bis 1910 inne hatte. During its spare time it visited lectures with Francis magic, Edwin Plimpton Adam, James Jeans and Owen want to the Richardson. Inthe summer semesters visited it several times the lectures in Chicago and received there to 1908 the Bachelor OF Science. to 1910/11 it received a scholarship for physics to the Princeton University and attained a doctorate there 1911 under professor Richardson over the thermal emission more positivelyIons of the alkaline-earth salts. It was of September 1911 until April 1917 teachers in the Physics Department at the Carnegie of institutes OF Technology in Pittsburgh, in June 1917 took it for the time of the war a place in the engineer department of the WesternElectric company (later Bell Telephone Laboratories) in New York town center on, after it had been rejected before of the US-Army. After end of war it rejected a Assistenzprofessur at the Carnegie of institutes OF Technology and remained with Western Electric. It1946 were retired with Bell Telephone Laboratories after 29 service years and were from 1947 to 1949 Visiting professor for physics at the University OF Virginia Charlottesville.

Davisson married 1911 Charlotte Sara Richardson, the sister of his doctor father professorRichardson, and had four children, three sons and a daughter. It died at the 1. February 1958 in Charlottesville.


Davisson received to 1937 the physics Nobelpreis for the experimental confirmation from de Broglie predicted subject waves, it1926 together with Lester Germer by the proof of the diffraction of electrons at crystals had succeeded. The second half of the price went at George Paget Thomson.


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