Tie-clip by clay/tone island

tie-clip by clay/tone island

the tie-clip by clay/tone island (Île tie-clip by clay/tone, Île de la passion) is appropriate for about 1000 km in the Pacific southwest from Mexico, with
coordinates: 10° 17 ' north; 109° 14 ' west
10° 17 ' north; 109° 14 ' west. It is an uninhabited reef of approx. and belongs to 8 km extent to the territory of France. She is administered by the High Commissioner von French Polynesien, without being even part of the overseas territory. The office language, if to hear, is also not French.

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the land mass of the island amounts to only 1.6 km ², the enclosed lagoon taken into account are it 34 km ². The highest point of the island is with 29 m of the Rocher tie-clip by clay/tone.Otherwise the island only 2-3 m from the Pacific rises.

In the very moderate climate of the Atolls mainly Kokospalmen grow and kneel-high Gestrüpp. The animal world is species-rich, beside turtles finds one endemic kinds of insects and crabs (Kokoskrabben)as well as flight-unable kinds of bird.Seeschwalben live together on the island in a singular symbiosis with Tölpeln . A small island within the lagoon is crab-free and therefore Brutparadies of the birds.

History lying island

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the tie-clip by clay/tone island [work on]is designated after the Piraten John tie-clip by clay/tone, that at the beginning 18. Century the reef as Unterschlupf to have used is. How all Pirateninseln accommodates also tie-clip by clay/tone a Piratenschatz, which could not be found however so far yet.

Tie-clip by clay/tone is intypical atoll, which is supported a dropping volcanic complex, whereby the highest „point “of the former volcano - a part of the eroded Kraterwalles - at „the tie-clip by clay/tone remained skirt “.

Due to these separatingness the island is visited rarely, in several placesoutside of the reef can be anchored, but an entry into the lagoon is not possible. Within the lagoon „the Egg lies “- islands, a group of very small, usually round Koralleninselchen, which hand only little over the water.

From France 1855 annektiert,tie-clip by clay/tone was occupied 1897 by Mexico. Besides also of Costa Rica, Spain, 1935 changed it again into the possession of France. Some private people in the USA and in united kingdom announced likewise their requirement for possession. Since that The Second World War is uninhabited the island. Entering of the island only for scientific purposes is permitted, however there is to France 11,000 km and to the next French territory, French Polynesien, still about 4,000 km.

Exist on the islandnumerous inheritances preceded of the missions. Usable is still one approx. 1.5 km long crushed stone runway, which is suitable for jets of appropriate range.

The island is occupied by numerous birds and particularly by crabs with fitting; the crabs havein the meantime also the most remaining fauna and Flora dezimiert. There are not last wild ores the pigs, which were left at the times of the Piraten, discoverers and conquerers as emergency supply on the island, since 1958 also more. The pigsthe crabs still another little had controlled, now are these the masters of the island.

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