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Coco Chanel (* 19. August 1883 in Saumur, † 10. January 1971 in Paris; actually Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel) was one of the most well-known French mode creator inside 20. Century and the Begründerin Chanel - of the Modeimperiums.

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Chanel brought over its childhood and youth again and again varnished versions in circulation. It seems however secured that it as a second illegitimate daughter of the Hausierers Albert Chasnel andits loved Jeanne Devolle in Saumur to the Loire (Anjou) the light of the world saw. 1884 married their parents. It had five brothers and sisters: two sisters, Julia (geb. 1882) and Antoinette (geb. 1887) and three brothers, Alphonse (geb. 1885), Lucien (geb. 1889) and Augustin (geb. 1891), which deceased after few months. To 16. February 1895, Gabrielle was 11 years old, died their nut/mother and the young Gabrielle spent 7 years in the orphanage of the catholic monastery of Aubazine, where it the occupation of the sewerlearned. Afterwards Coco received two years in the Pensionat “Notre-Dame” of the pin ladies from Saint Augustin in Moulins at the Allier instruction. With 20 years she worked as an employee in a controlling and a baby article business and accepted also privately orders for cutter .

In this time Gabrielle Chanel stepped as a singerin the “Rotonde” in Moulins up, where it spoke above all two chansons: “Qui qu' A vu Çoco dans l' Trocadéro?” and “CO CO Ri CO”. Is assumed that its pointed name “Coco” originates from this time, there the public, above all the officers of the hunter regiment ofMoulins, it because of the two songs “Coco” called.1904 became acquainted with it that Paris sonson son Etienne Balsan (1880 - 1953), which introduced her to the society and with that it from 1906 to 1910 into Royallieu lived together. With its financial assistance and init opened to its dwelling 1910 into of Paris a hat studio.

With an endorsement and a credit of her next loving, the British owner of mine Arthur (“Boy”) it opened Capel († 1919) 1911 in of Paris its first mode house and 1913 in the seaside resort Deauville a fashion shop. 1915 possessedit mode salons in Paris and Biarritz, sketched simple, loosely umspielende dresses from cotton jersey and created thereby a new and functional fashion with clear lines instead of the usual ornaments. One year later employed it 300 sewers, could their debts with Capel settle and theirIndependence guarantee. In the same year the American Vogue Chanel mode explained epitome as “ the elegance “. Their fashion differed clearly from that of their competitors by their restraint. Chanel called Paul Poirets mode “barbarianly”.

Their business grew fast. When their enterprise 1936 was closed by strike,it had 4000 employees.

As star to Paris mode sky of their time counted it many famous artists and artists to its friends, under it Jean Cocteau, Sergej Diaghilew, Igor Strawinsky, Pablo Picasso, Colette, max of Jacob and Misia Sert in addition, personalities how Vienna clay/tone Churchill. It is to have had numerous dear shanks, among them 1921 a short affair with Igor Strawinsky and 1921/1922 a Liaison with large prince Dmitri Pawlowitsch Romanow, the nephew of the Zaren. 1922 1924 was a poet Pierre Reverdy their companion and from 1924 to 1930it was with Hugh smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Arthur Grosvenor, who duke of west Minister (1879 - 1953) associates. 1932 began it a relationship with Paul Iribe, who died 1935 at heart failure.

In the time of the national socialism it met the hotel in its domicile at that time , cutsin Paris, Hans Günther of Dincklage (geb.1896), particular agent of the realm propaganda Ministry in France, who became their lover and contrived with that her operation “Modellhut”, with which it Churchill to discussions with the Germans over an end of war persuade should. The action failed because of a pneumoniaby Churchill. After end 2. World war fell it in disgrace and as Kollaborateurin arrested, afterwards lived it in Swiss exile.

Again returned to Paris, Coco Chanel worked on its comeback. Some sources assume that in the meantime modern “new Look” of Christian Dior, which it is to have regarded as relapse into the time of the Korsetts, was their motivation. In February 1954 it opened its business with a new collection, which commentates from the press höhnisch after 15 years break - in the meantime 71-jährig -became. After “would run” - magazine had appreciated one year later the elegance of their Wollkostüme, began the triumphant advance Chanel costume.

To 10. January 1971 - during the preparation for the next collection - died Coco Chanel at the age of 87 years in their Suite never given up inParis hotels cut. The funeral service took place in that Paris larva line church, which became coffin after the service in the Swiss Lausanne transferred. She never married despite her many man relations.


Coco Chanel dresses to a generation of women did not only leave- but also good pieces of advice for the life. “Marrying you never a man, the one stock exchange for the change possesses!” Or: “If one without wings was born, may not prevent one her not from growing.” A further famous proverb become was called: “A woman can with 19 entzückend, also29 hinreissend its, but only with 39 it is absolutely irresistible. And than 39 no Mrs., those becomes older was once irresistible!! “


Coco Chanel off created not only the Korsett, but invented also the small black, the costume jewelry, shortened thoseSkirts on (at that time) a scandalous length scarcely below the knee and sketched new knitted bathing suits with freedom of movement, which ended on thigh length and out-looked under those Shorts. It used for the first time body-stressing jersey materials for a sportier line. The famous Chanel costume from Tweedstoff was promoted for Geschäftsfrauen world-wideto the standard. Costume was verziert and gladly with long Perlenketten was often carried with black trimming and gold buttons. Further contributions to lady mode:Trousers for women, cord ensemble (Twinset), shoes with heel belts (Slingpumps or also Slingbacks called), quilted handbags with shoulder chain and the establishmentremarkable costume jewelry instead of genuine decoration. Their preferential colors: Black, white and beige.

1921 created it the first perfume from synthetic components (Chanel N° 5). It was first spread perfume, which did not smell after flowers. Like no other Modeschöpferin Coco Chanel coined/shaped thoseMode 20. Century and had a substantial portion of the development of Paris as mode center of the world. Brand name of the company Chanel is the double C.

the mode house Chanel after Coco Chanel death

after their death knew the mode house Chanel not onsuccesses tie, which had it under Coco Chanel line. It came into the call, mode for rich to create older ladies. That changed only 1983, when Karl camp field began to sketch for Chanel mode and to lead back the house to its earlier fame.Owner is the family Wertheimer.


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