Coelestin III. (Pope)

Coelestin III. (right) and Heinrich VI. in an illustration from that dear one ad honorem Augusti of the Petrus de Ebulo, 1196

Coelestin III. (* about 1106; † 8. January 1198) was of 30. March 1191 up to his death Pope that Roman-catholic church. The name Coelestin means: the Himmli (latin.)

Coelestin became as Giacinto Bobone (also: Jacinto Bobo, Hyacinto Bobo) in Rome born and became 1126 Subdiakon of the Lateranbasilika. He was a pupil of Petrus Abaelardus and defended him lateragainst internal-church criticism at its rationalistic thinking.1144 he became cardinal deacon of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, 1154 -55 and 1172 -74 traveled he as Legat to Spain.

As 85-jähriger he was probably selected as a compromise candidate to the Pope. Although it at this time already since46 years a cardinal was, he no Priesterweihe had received and was only deacon. Therefore it became to 13. April 1191, which Karsamstag geweiht, to the priest and one day later at the Ostersonntag to the bishop. At the second Osterfeiertag of the yearly 1191 it had the GermansKing Heinrich VI. crown on its first Italy course in Rome to the emperor of the holy Roman realm. Against its plans to possibly also secure the German Königtum and for the house high baptism durably in the long run successfully opposed it, although it was otherwise powerless opposite Heinrich.Thus this refused that to it after conquest Siziliens and Neapels is.

Coelestin exkommunizierte 1193 Leopold V. from Austria for the name of smelling pool of broadcasting corporations lion heart and expressed the Interdikt over its Ländereien. Against Heinrich VI. it met however no sanctions, even if itthe contact as far as possible broke off. Only as Heinrich VI. 1195 with crusade preparations began, reconciled themselves the Pope with it.

1191 recognized Coelestin also the medal of the German knights, the 1190 during the 3. Crusade as nursing for the sick medals based was.

Coelestin tried at the end of of 1197, voluntarily in favor of of theof it as a successor cardinal di San Paolo favored Giovanni to resign, which was prevented however by oppositional forces in the Kardinalkollegiums. Coelestin III. died to 8. January 1198 in Rome.

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