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Colin Luther Powell (* 5. April 1937 in New York, the USA) is an US-American general staff boss and politician. In the first term of office of George W. Bush (2001 - 2005) he was a minister of foreign affairs of the United States of America.

ColinL. Powell

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Colin Powell is that recent from two children of Maud air McKoy and Luther Powell, a pair of immigrants from Jamaica. Its father was warehouse worker, its nut/mothersewer was in a textile mill. It buildup in New York in the black quarter of the Bronx . Powell visited public schools and studied at the town center University in New York geology. Afterwards it announced to reserve the Officer training Corps and completed themselves as a soldier the Magisterstudiengang in management economics to the George Washington University.

military career

Colin Powell as a chairman the Joint Chiefs OF Staff

its training as the officer it locked 1958 and became roofridge lieutenant with US Army. 1962 he married Alma V. Johnson. ThatFew has three children. 1962/63 it was used in the Viet Nam war and wounded thereby. 1963 he got the honor PUR-polarizes Heart. 1968 it returned to Viet Nam and befehligte as a deputy commander a battalion of the infantry.

1972 it was shifted after Washington. Off 1977 he worked in the office of the Secretary of Defense. 1979 to 1981 under president Jimmy Carter and 1983 to 1986 under president Ronald Reagan he was active as military advisers for the Ministry of Defense. 1986 were promoted Colin Powell to lieutenant General. He got the command over V.US army corps in Germany. It held this function until 1987 . 1987 it became as a first black American US security advisor of the white house. In this office it participated in the disarmament negotiations with the Soviet Union . In this time it was promoted also to general. At the beginning of of 1989he took over under president George Bush sen. the command over the entire ground forces of the United States. In August 1989 it was appointed as the chairman of the general staff (Joint Chiefs OF Staff). In the same year it supported the intervention in Panama and took part 1990at the preparations to the Gulf War (the ore Storm). 1993 he withdrew himself into the private life.

political career

to 16. December 2000 gave US president to George W. Bush admits to want to appoint, Colin Powell the new minister of foreign affairs; its appointment took place then in January2001. As moderated valid Powell in the cabinet of the Bush government as an antagonist of the Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was seen. In the summer 2002 it came to open differences in the Iraq question. In the long run Powell supported however the US-American attack on the Iraq in March 2003. To 5. February2003 followed Powells memorable appearance before the Security Council of the United Nations [1]. Powell pleaded for the fall of Saddam Hussein, since this was in the possession of weapon of mass destruction. Before current television cameras it presented alleged proofs. But these are based on wrong secret service information.

Colin Powell bei der Verleihung des Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards
Colin Powell with thatAward of the Ellis Iceland Family Heritage Awards

also concerning the postwar order Iraq gave it substantial differences between the US-State to department under Colin Powell and the Pentagon under Donald Rumsfeld. Colin Powell announced himself, after the first term of office of US president George W. Bush from thatto withdraw political lives and not be as ministers of foreign affairs for a second term of office to no more at the disposal. This was rated as indication for an increase in power of its main contractor Donald Rumsfeld and a stabilization of the hard liners in the US Government.

To 15. November 2004, scarcely two weeks afterthe US president shank elections 2004, Colin Powell actually submitted its resignation from the post of the minister of foreign affairs. Governments in all world regretted Powells resignation, since this was considered as moderate figure within the Bush government. Its office transferred the past Beraterin for national security Condoleezza Rice in January 2005.

In July 2005 Powell entered as partner with the California holding company KPCB , one the most well-known risk capital - companies, which had along-financed for example the ascent of the Internet companies Google and

In September 2005 he explained his statement before the UN in relation to ABC, 2003 overalleged Iraqi weapon of mass destruction and the danger of the Saddam regime resulting from it and „a violating mark was wrong” in its career, which it as „painfully “feel now.[2]


Powell, Colin L. (Preface), quiet-wave, Paul (Hg): The golden Thirteen: Recollections OF the roofridge BlackNaval Officers. Annapolis: Naval of institutes press, 2003. - ISBN 1-591-14840-5 (paperback, English)

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